Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nothing exciting!!!

So I now its been a month sense I have written anything. But.....well......there really hasn't been anything going on really. I have been just working and enjoying my new job. Mornings are hard sometimes but it really hasn't been that bad. Jeremy had to go morning about two weeks ago so he has been Hating life!! :) but I guess he has the right he went from being up all night to having to be up at 3a.m. it has been nice having him home at night though. It give us more time to try and make a baby!! hahaha And no still no luck. I have been put on some new pills called Metformin to try and get me to ovulate before trying clomide. They make me kind of sick but I guess whatever it takes. Just keep your fingers crossed for us!

We are also getting ready to put our house up for sell. Jeremy and I decided that we will try that first. And then if we get it sold then when we find the perfect house we will be ready to move in. So I guess if we sell our house fast we will be living with my in law Patti. Which I am ok with, we get along really well so I don't think it will be bad. We actually went out today looking at houses. I can't wait to be in a new house where is warm and cozy. We've done alot to this house and its nice but we are done doing remodeling. So if you know anyone that is looking for a house. Its a 5bedrooms/1.5 bath, 2 car garage, wood floors, tile, etc. around 290,000 let me know. :-)