Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm a slacker!!!

Here is Pazlee's pictures. I think that is how she was thinking of spelling it.One of her favorite spot to hang out!

Monday, February 16, 2009

The big V-day!!

Jeremy and I didn't due much for valentines day. I went shopping with Janica and Ariana for a couple hours in the morning, which was nice to hang out with the girls. I treated myself to a pretzel at the mall (who could ask for more on v-day!!hahaha) Anyways......after I got done shopping I went home and hung out with Jeremy for awhile. During this time Patti called to tell us what she got for v-day. was a new puppy. The cutest little puppy ever it is a shitzu/yorkie mix, she's only like a pound if that. So patti was at work and asked us to come get the puppy because she couldn't get any work done, as she said this I heard a little whine! So cute. So of course I said yes and we headed out to get her. After we puppy sat for a bit, Patti came and got her and Jeremy and I went to dinner at Marie Callendar's. We had there famous Chicken Pot Pies (mmmmm...) We then went home and watched a movie. Nothing to exciting but just they way I like it. Don't get me wrong I love flowers and chocolates but sometimes I think people make way to much out of it. And flowers are SOOO expensive on this day. So I would rather get flowers on random days, just to know he still cares! :) So there was my big v-day. How was all of yours. I hope it was what you wanted it to be! And you got to spend it with the one(s) you love.

Its a little late but Happy Valentines to everyone!! XOXO

I'll post a picture of the puppy later today if I remember!! :-)