Monday, November 29, 2010

~Monthly Memories!~ :)

Here is a video I took with my cell phone. I love when she reads the books to me! Right at the end you can hear her say Dora. I tried to get the monkey lips but she just made the sound!

I think I am going to start an end of the month post so I can still put down things that Kimberly is doing/achieving: I need help on something good to call it like the couple others use for a weekly post are 'tuesday tidbits, wednesday write ups, friday favorites'

In the life of Kimberly age 13 months 1 week:

01. Starting to get daring and is trying to take steps. She has had one step here and there but usually ends up falling into our arms or down on the floor.
02. Does the sign for 'more', 'apple', 'all done'.
03. Points at EVERYTHING! That little finger is out all the time.
04. She picks up all of her food with her thumb and index finger. (including popcicles) She never grabs handfuls of anything.
05. She can say 'hi, mummy', "mummy", "diddy", "duck", "dora", "oo bear" (Pooh bear), "ig irg" (Big bird) "danku" (thank you), "pees"(please), "puppy", "aker" (craker), "ookie" (cookie) Most of them she will say on her own but some are only after we say them. I'm sure there are more but these are the ones I can think of. My favorite is "hi, Mummy" when I get her in the morning. Or like the other day when she was with jeremy all morning and then when I came up she kept looking at me and saying "mummy" until I would look at her and then go "Hi, Mummy" with a big smile! Melt my heart!
06. She LOVES to dance
07. She eats like a horse!! She eats pretty much every thing we give her. But does have a hard time with meat so she usually doesn't want it. But does like chicken. She says chicken also but when she says it, it sounds like turkey for some reason!!!
08. She smiles at everyone and usually will say "hi" if people say it to her.
09. When she waves hi or bye its the exact same. (she waves her fingers towards her body and says "hi")
10. She loves to read her books and will bring them to us all day long for us to read them to her.
11. She loves Dora. When we are at the store she will Always find the Dora stuff, point to it and say Dora.
12. She does fish lips and monkey lips when you ask her what those animals do.
13. She gives a lot of kisses and loves. She will lean towards you with her chin up in the air and go "mmmmm" (kiss) and her loves are putting her head on you and say " awhhh".
I'm sure there is more but this is a pretty good list for now!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

~Let it snow.....let it snow...~

Today it snowed ALL day long so we bundled Kimberly up and took her out for 5 mins. She wasn't sure about the snow but does like watching it and daddy shoveling. We have had two really good storms so we have a decent amount of snow on the ground.

Snow bunny!

Kimberly is standing in the snow!

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. We stayed here in Salt Lake and had dinner at Jeremy's grandmas. Aunt Natalie came in for the holiday also. It was nice to see her and I think Kimberly enjoyed visiting with her aunt.
Friday morning Janica and I went shopping for black Friday. We did most of our shopping at Walmart but did go to Target and Big 5. People are crazy at those sells but I enjoy going every year. If I don't get things I wanted I'm not to upset! It was a fun little get away for just the two of us. I slept most the day after shopping, so Kimberly had a day with her daddy. And then the next day I got sick so she had another day with her daddy, they went shopping!
Last week was my birthday and the night before Grammi and Poppy took me out to Cheesecake Factory. It was yummy food and even better dessert (As you can tell Kimberly LOVED the Peanut butter cheesecake!) Then on my birthday Jeremy surprised me by taking me to Wendover for the night. Kimberly stayed at grandma Coons house. It was the first time I had left Kimberly for a whole night. I thought I would have a hard time but it was nice to spend a night with Jeremy. While in Wendover Jeremy took me to a show called "Chinese Acrobats of Hebei" it was really good and I definately recommend it. We did a little gambling and I ended up finding $20 on a machine! We didn't come out ahead but we had a nice time. The only thing that sucked about the trip was having a fire alarm at 2 a.m. and having to go out into the snow. It was a false alarm! Thank goodness!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

~Giving Thanks........~

~Happy Thanksgiving~

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving so I thought I would put down a few things I am thankful for.......

*My wonderful husband......He supports me so I can stay home with our little girl, He is a busy man that gets things done and does them well. I couldn't ask for a better husband and father!
*My little girl.......She is my light, she is everything to me. She is so much fun and is almost always happy. She is so beautiful!
*My family......I have the BEST family ever. They are SOO supportive!
*My friends........I have some great friends, they help me threw anything!
*My home.......We have this beautiful home and its ours!
*My Car......Its still a pretty new car and it runs great, expecially in the snow.
*Health.........We are all in good health!
*Food......We always have food on our table
*I'm sure there is a lot of other things I am thankful for but here are a few of the ones I have.

I hope everyone has a GREAT thanksgiving!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

~Favorite things~

Here are some of Kimberly's favorite things right now:

01. She loves to read book or have someone read to her
02. Still LOVES peas
03. Her lion toy she can walk behind
04. Her baby doll from Grandma Coon
05. Her piano
06. Dora and Mickey Mouse (shows)
07. 'Friends' theme song
08. Dancing to most any music
09. Loves giving kisses
10. Her friends (Anela, Ariana, Gerry, and Kaydence)
11. Loves to walk with help from someone (still not walking on her own!!)
12. Loves to point at anything and everything
13. Love to knock over blocks you build up
14. Still loves the bath
15. Being thrown in the air by daddy
16. Being tickled by mommy
17. Going outside
18. Playing starfall on the computer with mommy or daddy
19. Brushing her teeth
20. talking on the phone, but only when no one is on the other end!! ha ha

~Car Seat~

This last week I switched Kimberly over to her big girl car seat. I am leaving her facing rear until spring but I figured this car seat gives her more room. I took it out of the box and put her in it to get the straps right and then placed it by the door. As I was cleaning the kitchen I looked over and Kimberly had climbed into the seat and was just sitting there. I think she likes it!!!!

She has learned and LOVES to point now!!!! When I go get her in the morning, as soon as I pick her up she points out the door, or whatever she sees outside of the crib.
Can you tell she likes Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!!! ha ha I put one on her tray and she pretty much shoved it all in her mouth at once! Then points at the other cookies and then claps her hands (that is the way she does the "more" signal)

This little girl could sit and eat all day long!!!! I keep thinking that she is full and then as soon as anyone around her has food she goes right up to them and whines until they give her some more food. We call her our little goat! She eats EVERYTHING we give her!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

~1 year pictures~

My cousin Ashley took Kimberly's 1 year pictures. She did a great job and I had a hard time choosing pictures for this post and for my house. So be prepare for a picture overload!!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

~1 year stats~

~1 Year Stats~

I took Kimberly to the doctor the day after we got home from St. George for her one year appointment. She is getting so big!! After talking to the doctor we have decided after her can of formula is up we are done with formula and BOTTLES!!!! I'm so nervous about this which I know isn't good because she can sense these things but it is a comfort for me and her. For me it is knowing that she is getting the nutrients that she needs and now I need to make sure she gets them other ways. I will admit I am not a healthy eater but I would like to be and I would love for her to be so she doesn't face the same challenges I have. So I guess in a couple days I will be forced to do it. I am up for hearing any good ideas! We have already been giving her more cows milk and less formula but I'm sure it is more the bottle that will be a struggle then the formula. So wish us luck for the next little while, while we change our lifestyle for the better!

Enough of me rambling here are her stats:

Weight: 20 lbs 3 oz- 34%
Height: 30 inch- 76%
Head: 18.5 -86%

She is tall and skinny!

~Halloween 2010~

~Happy Halloween~

Our Halloween wasn't quit what we thought it was going to be. Kimberly ended up getting sick with a cold so we didn't dare take her out to visit people and get more people sick. She was a little ornery on Saturday but I didn't think anything of it. We decided that we would just hang out at home on Saturday, carve her pumpkin and hand out candy to all the trick and treaters and then on Sunday we would dress Kimberly up and go trick and treating at grandparents houses. Well on Saturday night she started the horrible barking cough and so our Sunday had a change of plan. We just hung out at the house, Grandpa Coon did come over and visit for a min. and brought Kimberly a yummy treat for Halloween. Then later that evening Grandma Coon and Grandpa Trip came over and had home made chili with us for dinner and handed out a few more treats. We did also dress Kimberly up, I'm actually surprised she is OK with her costume and liked wearing it for most of the day!!!

Kimberly carving her pumpkin with daddy!

She loves playing with the goo!

*Don't worry we put a gate at the top of our stairs, but then choose to sit our daughter at the edge of the table!!!! (I promise Jeremy was right behind her!!! ha ha)

Kimberly loved her costume!!! She got right up after I put it on her and walked around with her lion.

Grandpa Coon. Its so funny every time he comes over she has to stare at him for awhile before she will go and play with him. We are thinking it is because he looks and sounds like Jeremy so she is trying to figure it out. But after a little time she enjoys playing with him.

She is showing Grandpa how to play the playstation3!!!

"See you point it at the t.v. and push these buttons...."