Monday, January 31, 2011

~Monthly Memories!~ Dec. & Jan.

She thinks she rides in the suitcase when we go on trips!! ha ha Heading to St. George today!!!! (sorry it's blurry it's from my phone!)

01. She says all kinds of words. Main words: mamma, dadda, baby, rober (rover), no, cookie, nummy nums (m&ms), duck, oh toodles (mickey mouse clubhouse), minni (mickey), dora, blankie...... She tries to say a lot of the things I tell her. I try to get it on camera but then all she wants to do is play with the camera.
02. she know what the remote does. (turns on mickey or dora). She will hold it up to the tv and push buttons. then if it doesn't work she hands it to me and dances. (that means she wants to watch dora or mickey).
03. She is becoming a picky eater.
04. She started doing the sign for "bath" and "cookie". The sign for "chicken", "apple", "drink", and "cookie" is the same!!! She twists her right hand in the air! (not sure if that makes sense)
05.Walking a little more but still scared of it!
06. She loves Anela("nela") and Kaydence ("kay,kay")
07. She is very attached to My mom and Jeremy's mom! She loves them and goes right to them when we see them. I love it!!!!
08. We go get daddy out of bed most mornings so anytime after that as soon as we start walking downstairs she says "dadda?"
09. She went to Vegas for the first time
10. Met Santa for the first time. (Didn't go so well)
11. Had Croup!
12. Has 8 almost 9 teeth
13. Had another hair cut
14. Starting to play with her hair like her mommy does
15.Does pretty well with putting shapes in the right hole
16. Getting better at using a spoon and fork
17. we started watching a new show called "bubble guppies" and she likes to dance with them.
18.She loves playing with her babies! Putting the baby in its stroller, wrapping it up in a blanket, giving it loves.
19.She walks on her knees all the time. (I don't know why she does this it seems like it would hurt her knees)
20. I got her to say gama (grandma), gapa (grandpa), mada (Maga), Papa, Keesh, Ky-ky, kenzi, Pa, na (natalie).
21. She isn't sleeping well these days. (I think it's because she is getting her first molar)
22. She does NOT care when I try to discipline her, she just laughs. (it makes me more angry but I know she doesn't total understand)
23. She loves talking to maga and family on skype!
24. She wants to take her silky blanket everywhere, She doesn't want to sleep without it! When I put her to bed she looks around until I give it to her.
25. If she doesn't want to do something or you do something to her that she doesn't like she says "awie" (Most of it doesn't hurt, I promise)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

~Friends & Treadmill~

Well we took Kimberly down and tried the treadmill again!!!! She LOVED it! We couldn't keep her off of it! I think her face says it all!!!

Kimberly loves having Kaydence over to play a couple times a week! This last week they were so cute. Kimberly is feeding her puff snacks!

I've been watching her a little later on Wednesdays so yesterday I decided to give them a bath. Having a bath buddy was fun!!!!

Playing with letters!

All clean and ready for bed! (neither one of them would look at the camera, little stinkers!)

After awhile they got down to play and Kimberly decided she wanted to climb into the toy bins. She is a funny girl!!!!

"Kimberly what are you doing???"

This is a video we took of Kimberly on the treadmill. Now I have a workout buddy! To bad it isn't going to do anything for me going 0.5! :) She also loved running on it! Jeremy would just hold her up and she would start running!

~15 month stats~

~15 Month Stats~

I took Kimberly to her 15 month apt. today. I think she is finally understanding what happens at the doctors, because she wasn't very happy with me. Especially when I would lay her down on the bed to take off her clothes or the nurse tried to measure her!!!! When we first got there the nurse weighted her and it said 18.3lbs. I was a little shocked because she weighed 20.3lbs two weeks earlier when she went in for having croup. So when the doctor came in and asked if I had any concerns I mentioned that I was a little concerned with her losing two pounds in only two weeks. So he decided to weigh her again (twice) and it came out to 20.3lbs so I was happy about that. Other than that she looks good she is a tall skinny baby! And she doesn't have to go back until she is 2!!! Woohoo!

Here are her stats:

Weight: 20.3 lbs- 10 %
Length: 30.71 inches-60 %
Head: 18.4- 75 %

She does however have to go up and have a blood test done. Because we have an older house and Jeremy works around chemicals the doctor wants to do a led test to make sure she doesn't have any in her system. Oh joy, more poking! I think I will wait a week to get over the shots she had to get this time!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

~New Experiences~

This is my new treadmill I got for Christmas. It took us awhile to get it downstairs, it was to big to fit in the doorway. Well after we set it up Kimberly woke up from her nap and we wanted to see what she would do if we put it on the slowest speed and have her walk. Well........

.....It didn't go over very well. I don't think she was awake enough, so she cried the whole time like it was child abuse!!! We stopped, but I will have to take her down there and try it again!

The other day Grandma Patti took us and Nick to Hollywood Connections. It was fun and I think Nick had a lot of fun riding the rides. Kimberly wasn't sure about the rides but really liked the slide they had there.

I waited until it was just her and Nick and I let her play at the bottom. Nick kept climbing up the slide so Kimberly was trying to follow!

Other than that we haven't been up to much sense new years. We all got pretty sick for a couple weeks. It was a horrible cold/flu. Kimberly even had croup and had to get a shot of steroids in her leg! But we are all better now and are back to our routine. Well except that I have decided to do a round of the HCG diet. It is a hard diet (but what one isn't). I should be done with it around Valentines day and then I will be using my Treadmill more! Good luck to me!!

*side note: Kimberly had two more teeth come in making it 8 total!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

~21st Birthday and Vegas~


VEGAS BABY!!!! We headed down to vegas for the night to celebrate Kylee's 21st birthday. Grammi and Poppy bought all of us tickets to the Blue Man Show and paid for our hotel rooms!! The show was really good and we had fun that night gambling, dinner, and bowling. Natalie came with us to watch Kimberly while we went to the show but then went out with us after. She said she had fun with Kimberly and enjoyed showing her off at the casino while walking around.

Kimberly looking outside the hotel window with maga!

Not sure why Keesha isn't in the picture!
Love these girls! I can't believe how grown up they are getting

Jeremy and I (and my blue man kiss!)

Ky and Kenzi with their blue man kisses

Chandler and his girlfriend Kristen

Corbin, Carly, and Baby girl (Due March 20)

Carly, Grammi, Kylee and one of the blue man.

Yes our Grammi tried to Kiss the blue man!! ha ha
Best Grammi ever!

The girls and the band

World's best Grammi!!! We love you so much thanks for the great night! (you to poppy)

All the girls!

~Christmas 2010~ St. George


The day after Christmas we headed down to St. George to celebrate with my family. Natalie joined us on the trip to help with Kimberly. It was fun to see Kimberly play with Lexi......or I guess around Lexi they still don't know what to think of each other. We had a great day and had a great prime rib dinner!!! Then we opened more presents.......

Beautiful profile!
Kimberly and her Aunt "ky, ky" (Kylee turned 21 on Dec. 24)

Kimberly and Lexi watching Savannah

Pretty girl

Lexi Lou......yep standing and walking a little more than Kimberly is!

I don't think Kimberly wanted to share her daddy!

Yummy treats!

They'll share for book time!

Playing with my moms new Ipad!!


Papa forgot to get Lexi a the drink war began!!!!

They loved their new strollers

Kimberly loves her Maga!!!

The boys Thomas, Ethan, and Jarryn
Presents we got: Shoes, camping chairs, hot dog roasting sticks, Wii game, game called "whats yours like!", and 4wheeler tire pump.(I hope I'm remember everything!)
Kimberly got: Baby stroller, a couple baby dolls, dora riding toy, and clothes. We also found at the pawn shop there a bike trailer for Kimberly to ride in and a small grandfather clock.
We also got the trip to Vegas for Kylee's 21st birthday!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

~Christmas 2010~


Christmas morning was nice. Kimberly slept in until around 10 and then we headed upstairs to see what Santa had left her. We walked into the room to find a big wrapped box on the table.

It was a princess table that turns into a tower.

Then she went threw her stocking. She got books, toothbrush, candy canes, m&m's, candy, bubble bath, Dora bandaids, and cookie dough bites.

From mommy and daddy she got: A new phone, remote control, elmo doll, a Dora blow up ball pit, Books (her favorite)......

"is there more balls in there?!?!"

She LOVED this present. She climbed right in!

She liked looking at daddy threw the hole in the side and passing the balls back and forth

Rover got some yummy treats and a new leash!!! I think he liked what he got!

We then had breakfast and took a little nap! Then Grandpa Coon and aunt Nat came by.
Aunt Nat got Kimberly two Dora dolls and another Dora toy!

Grandpa Coon got her a pair of pj's and a toy piano that you can hook up to the t.v.

After opening gifts and visiting for a little while with Grandpa Coon and aunt Nat. We headed over to Great grandma and grandpa Dyches for dinner. We then came back to our house with Grandma Coon and Grandpa Trip. Kimberly opened her final gift from them. It was a new wagon!!! She will love this in the summer time.

Daddy got: New riding socks and a razor for his mustache
From Grandma Coon: tie downs, shoes, video games, and some money.
Mommy got: Shoes, pj's, portable hard drive,
a necklace from Kimberly that says mom, and a TREADMILL!!! I am so excited about the treadmill. I can't wait to use it, we just have to figure out how to get it in the house.
From Grandma Coon: steam mop, cake decorating supplies, and a blanket.
We both got: A Printer and toaster oven.
Going threw these pictures I realized we didn't get any of mommy or daddy opening presents! At least we got a lot of Kimberly.
We all got spoiled and we hadn't even gotten down to St. George yet.......