Saturday, October 30, 2010

~St. George~

Last week Kimberly and I went down to St. George for a visit. We left the day after her birthday and was there for almost a week. We had so much fun hanging out and being around family. We drove down with Janica, Ariana, Gerry and Anela. It was a nice drive and the kids did pretty well. We stopped in Nephi for a potty break and then again in Beaver to have some lunch/dinner so we let the kids get out and play for a little while. While we were in St. George we went over to Keesha and Greg's house to celebrate Thomas, Emma, and Ethan's birthdays. For their party we carved pumpkins, had dinner, opened presents, and had cake and ice cream. This was Kimberly's first pumpkin carving. I think is enjoyed it some. she liked feeling and playing with the goo.

I think Lexi liked it too!! Ha ha she tried to eat everything

I made her pumpkin look like her (with three teeth) So maga and papa could have a Kimberly pumpkin for Halloween.

The next day we went over and watched the Dixie State football game. Kylee's boyfriend Jody plays on the team so we went to support. We all wore Red in support and Kimberly even got some face paint!!!!
Riding on papa's back!!

She liked watching the cheerleaders

She was worn out after the game. I think it took her a total of 2 mins to fall asleep after!

We also had a card night. Kimberly and Lexi wanted to play with the grown up cards so we found them some kid cards to play with. They loved these huge playing cards.

We flew home! Here is Kimberly in the plane. With a book and a sucker she was content for a while.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~12 months/1 year old~ Two posts (Picture overload)

Her birthday present from mommy and daddy!!!

We can NOT believe our baby girl is one year old!!!! It does seem like just yesterday I was waiting to go to the hospital to get induced!!! She has been so much joy in our lives over the pass year and we can't wait for many many more years with her. She is a very happy baby all the time and her smile makes Every ones day better!!! She is a very funny girl. We love you so much little miss Kimberly

Milestones and fun things:

01. She has learned and loves to crawl up the stairs.
02. She is really good at walking along furniture and with her lion toy. She would do this all day if we stirred it for her!
03. She loves hot dogs!!
04. She as 3 teeth.
05. She loves to dance to most any music.
06. She loves to talk and tries to repeat us (Sometimes lately she talks in a deep raspy voice, not sure what this is all about!)
07. She give us loves by putting her head on our shoulders, she will make a kiss sound but wont kiss us!
08. She has learned how to suck out of a straw
09. She has learned how to stand up in her crib (I'm kind of surprised it took her this long)
10. She loves her bath time, as soon as she hears the bath running she crawls as fast as she can to the bathroom.

In this video below she is wearing some of her new clothes and looking at her birthday card!!! And in the second one she is playing with the piano Jeremy and I got her!

~1st Birthday Party~

We did Kimberly's party the Saturday before her birthday so we could have family join us in the celebration. The party went really well!!!! I made lasagna, salad, and garlic bread for dinner and then we had cake and ice cream. Kimberly loved all her presents and we loved all the family that was able to join us.

Here is her cakes, plates, and birthday outfit

Here she is with ALL her presents. (except the one from Jeremy and I because it didn't get here in time!!! It did however come a couple days before her real 'birth' day and so she got to open a gift!)

Our pretty birthday girl!!!!


Lexi and Kimberly playing!!!

Birthday cake time!!!
(she was mad at us for holding her hands, she wanted the cake!)

Lexi helping with the cake!

The family that joined us was: Maga and Papa (my parents), Patti and Trip (Jeremy's mom and fiance) Jared (Jeremy's dad), Grammi and Poppy (my grandparents), Keesha, Greg, Thomas, Jarryn, Emma, Ethan, and Lexi (my sister, husband, and kids) Kenzi (my sister)! We were missing some family but understand why they couldn't make it!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Well it took awhile and a friend helping to get a 'tooth' shot!!!! I think it is funny that her top side teeth are coming in before her front top middle teeth. She is my little vampire baby. To bad I already have her Halloween costume or I would have made her a little vampire!! So at this point we have three teeth pretty soon four!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

~Our funny girl~ 3 new posts

I have been trying to get video's of what Kimberly does during the day because it feels like she is learning and doing so much and I want to share it with everyone. Here are three I got. The first one is her walking all by herself with her lion. (She is still not walking all alone) The second is her dancing, she dances all the time to music. It is so cute, I love her little hip/hulla hoop action, and the third is her favorite song. Every time I watch 'friends' she well stop what ever she is doing, watch the tv, and start dancing!!!! (who doesn't like 'friends'!!!)
Make photo slide shows at

~Halloween Deco~

This last Saturday we decided it was time to put up Halloween Decorations. As we pulled out the decorations Kimberly wanted to play with it all. So we plugged in our skull that lights up and let her play with it. I then put her on the couch with the skull and pumpkin that both light up and took her picture. I think she likes Halloween, I guess that makes sense she is an October baby.

Her buddies!!!

She looks like "really mom, more pictures!!!" ha ha

~Sneak Peek~

Here is a little sneak peek into Kimberly's birthday party!!! I am getting so excited for her party. I still can't believe I am planning my own baby girls 1st birthday party!!!

These are her birthday invites!

Yes I know that I forgot a "to" in it!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

~Goin' to the village~

Last week Patti and I took Kimberly and Nick out to Gardener Village. We had a lot of fun looking at all the little shops and fun decorations around the village. Grandma Patti spoiled the kids like always. Kimberly got a new hair bow for Halloween, a princess duck, a book, and then we went out for ice cream at Leathurby's!!!!

Kimberly liked the witches, I was a little surprised! (Hopefully she isn't afraid of Santa!!)

Ice Cream!!! Our favorite treat!

The other day Jeremy came in from working outside and he left the door open so Rover came half way inside. Well Kimberly went over to see what was going on and started staring at Rover like" wow you are really BIG!!"