Tuesday, September 29, 2009

38 Weeks

Went to the doctors this morning.......I lost 3 lbs and baby grew 1 cm (measuring 38 cm) she is still head down and I was having a contraction when he was checking me so that's a good sign my body is getting ready. I am 50% effaced but still only a dimple. You ask why I lost three pounds well I got a little sick on Sunday and couldn't eat much and was down on the couch for two days. I am feeling better now but I do think my body is getting ready for this little one to come into the world. I have been a lot more uncomfortable this pass week and have had a lot more braxton hicks the past few days. I would have to say that I don't like this not know crap. I know most if not all pregnant woman go through it. But I am such a planner that I hate not knowing things. Jeremy is getting so excited himself he doesn't want her to come until the 10th of Oct. (for taking work off) but I think he is just as ready to meet this little one. He has been getting as many jobs around the house done so when she gets here he can spend more time with her. It will be nice to have him home for a week or so after she comes!

This last Saturday I had my last baby shower and my Grammi J's. It turned out really well and she got a ton more things. My mom, sister Keesha, nephew Jarryn and even my little sister Kylee came in and surprised me for the shower. It was nice to have them all here. I was sad my little sister Kenzi couldn't make it up. But hopefully everything will work out and she can come up and spend some time with me when the baby gets here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

37 Weeks

I had my doctors appt. yesterday........I didn't gain anything this week and baby grew 1 cm. Still measuring just right. He checked me and said I'm still thick and closed so nothing yet, which for us right now is good. I would have to say I'm ready to hear something is happening but I don't want us to go early and have the headache of insurance, So baby needs to wait tell Oct 1st and then she is good to come anytime. Last night I was feeling braxton hicks contractions all night so I didn't sleep well but I guess thats the beginning of whats to come. It's nice that they don't hurt but they make the baby move a lot which in turn keeps me up. I just can't wait to be able to see and hold her! Its getting really exciting to think that I only have three weeks left.

Last night I also had a friend baby shower. It was really nice my friend Amy threw it for me. We had a light dinner, opened some gifts and then just sat around and chatted. It was nice to see some people from Skywest I have missed seeing everyone from there. I was sad that some didn't make it but I guess that just means we need to do stuff more often!

Last Saturday I also had a baby shower for the Coon's side of the family. Patti (Jeremy's mom) threw that one for us. It was a great turn out and baby got a ton of stuff. Grandma Dyches made the baby a lot of blankets which I love. My mom and Grammi J came out to it also. It was nice to have my mom come up for it and got to spend sometime just chatting with her. It would be nice to live a little closer to my mom but I guess St. George isn't forever away and its nice she still has flight benefits.

Today is also my moms birthday! I just wanted to tell her that we love her and hope she is having a great day. We will have to go out and do something one of the time we get together!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

36 Weeks!

Had my doctors apt today.........I've gained 2 lbs......baby grew 2 cm she is measuring 36 cm, right on track! And baby is head down (NO FLIPPING BABY!) From this apt on the doctor will be checking me for any signs she ready to come and this trip she's not even close. He said "you are thick and closed" so I guess she is very comfy in there. My mom told me "I guess this means we need to start walking" So after next Monday I will be 37 weeks (full term) so I will be walking my heart out (or I guess baby out!!) I would have to say having the doctor check you isn't the funnest thing to have done! But I guess I shouldn't complain to much I'm sure it hurts a lot worse to actually have the baby, I better save my OUCHES for that.

Me at 35 Weeks