Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We went to the days of 47 Rodeo on July 23. We had a lot of fun and Kimberly seemed to really like it. She loved cheering when everyone else cheered.

Kimberly hung out in her play yard while we worked in the yard. So I tried standing her up and put her hands on the side she loved it, until she fell over and couldn't figure out how to get back up.

This is the little redneck pool I made for Kimberly to get her out of the heat for a little bit.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


The family that went: Maga, Papa, Grammi, Poppy, Kylee, Kenzi, Traci, Blake, Corbin, Carly, Keesha, Greg, Jarryn, Lexi, Kimberly and I

Having some yummy Ice Cream

Kenzi, Kylee, Papa, Greg, Blake, and Corbin did the catapult!!! Crazy people!

Kimberly and Mommy having fun at Lagoon

Papa and Lexi watching the go cart races

Grammi, Maga, Kenzi, Lexi

She was so excited to go on the carousel. She was a little nervous when it started to go but she loved the ride. She has started sticking out her tongue like this. (it is something my mom does when she is thinking, I wonder if Kimberly is going to continue to do it also)

Kimberly loved doing the duck game. She was more excited about picking the ducks up than the prize she won.

Kimberly got to try Cheetos while we were at the water park. She loved them, and was able to eat them really well.

Kimberly and Lexi in there matching Yellow Pok-a-dot bikini!

Kimberly was very worn out by the end of the day!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~9 Months Old~

~9 Months Old~

I can not believe Kimberly is 9 months old. She is getting so big! She has been doing so much in the last month and is still a VERY happy baby.

Milestones and fun things:

01. She loves rolling around on the floor. She is still NOT interested in crawling!!
02. She loves to stand up to the couch or against your body. I think she will walk before she crawls!
03. She loves to click her tongue or blow raspberries with her lips or tongue.
04. She loves Apples.
05. She went to Lagoon for the first time.
06. She loves cheetos
07. She got her first ear infections earlier this month.
08. She road on her first 4 wheeler
09. She still has NO teeth
10. She can sit by herself and can almost get to her tummy on her own from a sitting position.
11. She claps, waves and tries to do the "roll it" part of Patty cake! (but when she feels like it not when we try to get her to do it!!!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

~Family Pictures~

We got family pictures done with Jeremy's mom at Memory Grove. It was a beautiful place for pictures. The babies didn't want to get pictures done but I think we got some cute ones. Kimberly would not stop sucking her thumb so that is why in most pictures we are holding her hands down.

Our little family

Patti, Aunt Natalie, and us!

Patti's Kids

Trip's Kids

Nick having fun on Rover!
Kimberly and Daddy playing in the water!

Funny family

The whole clan!

Monday, July 5, 2010

~4th of July~ Two new posts

Kimberly's first 4th of July and fireworks!!!

Here she is with her daddy watching the west fest fireworks! She actually noticed them and watched most of them.

Here she is with mommy at Granite High School for the fireworks.

I was alittle nervous because we were a lot closer to these fireworks but she didn't mind them either and enjoyed watching them.

Here she is with her Aunt Natalie at our house. Natalie came in from Austin, TX for a visit! Kimberly didn't like the fireworks that crackled. I also think she was starting to get sick.

This little video is of her eating ice cream at the BBQ at our house on the 3rd. She LOVES home made vanilla ice cream. It was so funny how crazy she was for it so we had to get the camera out and capture it!

Our poor baby was sick for the actual 4th of July. She has a cold/allergies and may be starting to teeth! We hope she gets feeling better soon. This is the first time she has been really sick. She cried for almost two hours tonight before cuddling up in mommy's arms and falling asleep. I wish I could do more for her!

~More Peas.........~

Here are some of the Veggies Kimberly has tried and for them most part loved!
We haven't tried fruits yet but they are coming.

First was Peas- She LOVES Peas!!

I can do it myself!!! So independent

Happy to not be eating cereal!

Second Green Beans-Wasn't so sure at first but is ok with them now

Third was a rice snack- She loves them but isn't sure about the chewing them up part so I have to sit right next to her. She gags on them sometimes, but she is learning!

Fourth was Carrots- She LOVES her carrots

Fifth was Sweet Potatoes-She isn't so sure on these but doesn't mind them once in a while

Sixth was Squish- She LOVES Squish, I can't wait to make her fresh squish from the garden.

More please!

Seventh was Corn- She like the corn! I was actually surprised they had corn, I don't know why but I didn't think they would have it!

Here is a short video of her in her Johnny Jumper. She loves to play in it and make herself go around and around. Of course when I got the camera out she just wanted to smile at me instead of making it go around but she is so cute so I'm putting it up for you to enjoy!