Friday, April 20, 2012


~39 Weeks~

Wow I'm here already!!!! This pregnancy is going by at a steady pace for sure. It has been getting more uncomfortable but for what I wish I was doing it isn't bad. I really wish this baby would have dropped and I could have tried vaginal but I really don't want to go threw 26 hrs of labor, 45 mins of pushing, and then end up with a c-section again. of now I am scheduled for a c-section on Tuesday April 24. I am getting so excited to meet this little one and see if it is a boy or girl!
 At my last doctors appt. I was 1 centimeter, 60% effaced, and baby is at a -3 station. 
I have been kind of nauseous and have had heartburn pretty bad.
Kimberly and Jeremy had a cold/allergies all last week and most of this week. I thought I was doing good with not getting sick. But it started last night with signs of a sinus infection. I have been laying around hoping it doesn't get worse and it isn't to bad,but I am tired and my throat is scratchy. 
I have noticed my legs, feet, and hands have started to swell. (I don't think I did at all with Kimberly)
Baby is still pretty active (at night mostly) but today it hasn't been so I think it might be because I'm not feeling well. (I'm still counting kicks to make sure)
After tonight Jeremy is going to be off with us for two weeks. I am so excited to have him home with us. 
I can't believe I only have 4 sleeps until I will be a mom of two!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

~Maternity Photos~

::Picture overload:: 
Yesterday Aunt Ky Ky came up and spent the day with us. We had her do some maternity photos. I wasn't sure I really wanted them (because I didn't do them with Kimberly) but I think they turned out pretty cute!! We only have a little over a week until we get to meet this little baby and see if it is a boy or girl! We are all getting so excited!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

~Easter~ 4 new posts

For some reason these pictures are out of order. So if you would like to view them in order start from the bottom! 
Easter was really relaxing this year. It was just the three of us! Kimberly and I woke up around 8:30 am but let daddy sleep in a little bit. So at about 9:30 (because of a child that was starving and wanted breakfast) we woke daddy up. Kimberly was a pro egg finder and found all her eggs! She then opened them and was so excited to find Chocolate and money in most of them! (The best thing for a girl to get!!  ha ha) Then she found her basket and the other items the Easter bunny left for her. She got a bean bag, a ball for outside, a pin wheel, a princess/super hero cape (the Easter bunny had help from mommy! I made the cape and left it for the bunny to put in her basket!), and a bunch of candy. Then mommy had to go find her eggs, they were hidden in the messiest room of the house! The laundry room so it took me a little bit to find them. We then had a nice breakfast, took a nap, played outside, went on a walk to the playground, and taco soup for dinner! Perfect day for us.

I love how you can see the kitkat and money falling to the ground!

The night before Easter we colored a few eggs.  Kimberly had a lot of fun. She liked coloring eggs but I think she had more fun decorating herself. She put stickers all over her body and then did a little pose for us when we took her picture. She is so cute, we can't get enough of her.

~Easter fun~

 Saturday morning the three of us and Grandpa Jared went to an Easter Egg hunt at a local park. It was pretty cold but we had a fun time. Kimberly likes finding eggs and she is pro. She got some candy and ended up getting one of the bigger prizes which was a kite. We can't wait to take it outside.

 After the hunt Kimberly stayed with Grandpa while mommy and daddy did some shopping. She had fun watching Toy story 3 and then helping grandpa build his shed. She sure loves outside projects. After we got home we went out to water the flowers and again Kimberly was right there helping out.