Wednesday, March 31, 2010

~Easter in St. George~

This last weekend Kimberly and I went back down to St. George to celebrate Easter a week early with my family. Jeremy and his dad went down to Vegas for the Mopar car show. While we were there we did A LOT of stuff. It is a busy life down there. The first day we went out to my cousin Corbins baseball game. It was windy and a little cold but we bundled up the babes and enjoyed the game. The first picture is of Lexi at the game and the second is Kimberly. The next day we did the pictures I put up in my previous post and had our Easter egg hunt.
Easter at Maga's and Papa's- And do you see that we are in shorts and t-shirts I wish it was that warm in Salt Lake. But no we are getting snow! Also if you notice Kimberly is sitting up all by herself in some of the pictures. She is still really wobbly but she is getting better.

On Sunday we went out and saw Great Grandma and Grandpa Coon. We didn't get a picture with grandpa last trip so we got one on this trip!
Kimberly hasn't started cereal or anything besides formula and breast milk but while we were down in St. George she got to try some new treats. She probably won't have anything else until she starts cereal but we couldn't resist!

Grammi J gave her licorice, she didn't really like it.

I gave her a taste of marshmallow candy, she loved it!

And maga gave her a lemon, you will have to watch the video to see if she liked the lemon!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


We went and got all the kids pictures! I think they turned out way cute! I can't believe how big Kimberly is getting!

5 Months old

Lexi Lou 3 weeks old

The Brooks Kids
Thomas, Jarryn, Emma, Ethan, and Lexi
The Girls
Lexi, Emma, and Kimberly
The Boys
Thomas, Ethan, and Jarryn

The whole clan
We have the cutest kids ever!

Monday, March 22, 2010

~Helping daddy~

Daddy got a new bike a little while ago!! And so because the weather was nice on Sunday Kimberly and I headed outside to help daddy work on his new bike. We were more like supervisors but I'm pretty sure he liked the company. We all enjoyed the sun that is for sure!

This isn't his bike but it looks just like it!

Kimberly loved being outside, watching daddy!

Rover is checking out his baby! He just smells her and walks off, he isn't really sure about her. Kimberly just stares at Rover. Its pretty cute!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

~5 Months Old~

~Kimberly is 5 months old~

I can't believe my baby is 5 months old. Here are some of her milestones and fun things in the last month:

01. She loves to laugh and smile at everyone
02. She sits up with a little help from mommy or her boppy pillow
03. She has a new cousin. Lexi Nicole
04. She sleeps through the night!!!! Woohoo!!
05. She is starting to like tummy time
06. She loves to look at books and for mommy to read them to her
07. She is so coordinated with her hands
08. I can officially put her hair in pigtails, she also has curly hair
09. She sucks on anything in her hands reach
10. And she loves bath time!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~St. Patrick's Day~


She loved the shamrocks on her outfit she wanted to play with them the whole time I was trying to get pictures!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

~Discover new things~

Kimberly has been so cute lately. I love when they learn new things! I love being a mom it is the best thing in the world. She has been starting to sit up with a little help from mommy, daddy, or pillows. This first picture is her playing on the couch with some toys. She loves her toys and sitting up like a big girl.

These pictures are of Janica, Ariana, Gerry and I at Disney on Ice. Patti won some tickets and was nice and gave them to us to go. We had a great time and Janica's kids had a blast. Ariana told her mom at one point "this is like being at Disneyland!!!!!!!" I love watching kids get so excited about things. Thanks for the fun date day guys!

Kimberly has started enjoying books, so of course I give her one to play with everyday and we read up to four stories a day. The bee next to her is also one of her favorite toys. Thanks Melody!

This video is of Kimberly's new game she likes to play by herself!!! At first I thought she put the blanket up by accident so I would go over and take it off. Well after watching her for a little while I noticed she does it as a game. She is a funny girl! I love her little hands and feet going crazy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

~4 month check up~

~4 month stats~

Kimberly went to the doctor on Monday. I was going to put a picture up but my computer is acting up so sorry no picture. She was a great little trooper, she only cried when they gave her, her shots. The doctor said she looks great and he bets she will be walking by 9-10 months. So I guess Jeremy and I need to start baby proofing our house!!!!!!

14 lbs 13 oz- 63%
25 3/4 inch tall- 85%
Head cir 16.7 inch- 79%

Thursday, March 4, 2010

~Best Friends~

Kimberly and Lexi met for the first time today, and I can't believe how big Kimberly looks next to Lexi. We got some fun pictures of them together. I hope they grow up to be good friends.
You can really tell in this picture with just onsies on how big Kimberly is!!!! Kimberly looks like a giant!

We got them these matching outfits. They looked so cute!!! Kimberly saw the poke a dots on Lexi's outfit. She grabbed it and tried to eat it. Lexi wasn't very happy about it. The next picture they decided to be friends and hold hands. And the last one is just too cute for words!!!