Wednesday, November 30, 2011

~Crib-Toddler bed~

 Well we finally did it! We changed Kimberly's crib over to a toddler bed. She has always been good and never tried to climb out. She usually just lays there until you come into the room. I was wondering how this would go. The first night was pretty bad but she was a little cranky so I think it was a mixture of a few things, that made it go worse than usual. It has been a couple weeks and for the most part she has done well. Fights a little at bed time but usually doesn't get up. (just gets upset) And nap time has been even better. Some days she will tell us she is tired and so we will tell her to go to bed and she will put herself to bed. So I would have to say no complains here! :)

Helping daddy take the crib side off!!

 Didn't realize there was a down part so she tried to climb over the high side! Silly girl
 So much easier!
 So excited! comfy!

~Monthly Memories~

I can't believe November is over already!!!! Here are somethings from this month.

01. She thinks she is THE BOSS!!!
02. She doesn't just say "no" she says "no way!"
03. We got her 2 year old pictures taken by my sisters. (hope to get them back soon)
04. We went to St. George for Thanksgiving
05. She is starting to throw real temper tantrums (oh joy!) but it seems to be only when we are out and about.
06.We have all had a bad cold this past week. It started with Kimberly.
07. We turned her crib into a toddler bed. It hasn't been to bad she has been doing pretty good.
08. She always wants to sit at the big table with no booster.
09. She played softball for the first time. (It was our first family softball game on Thanksgiving)

~Mommy & Daddy~
01. Mommy is 18 weeks Pregnant. Things are going well and I have been feeling better (Pregnancy wise) 
02. We have my ultrasound set up for Dec. 7
03. I have been feeling baby a lot more these days ( I love it)
04. Daddy has been obsessed with a new video game!!!!!!!! The Elders Scrolls V : Skyrim
05. Mommy turned 28!!!
06. Maga took mommy (Keesha, Kenzi, and Janica) to the twilight saga movie marathon (ending with Breaking dawn part1) :) I still can't believe I made it threw 4 movies ending after 2 am!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


 ~Boo at the Zoo~

Jeremy, Patti, Nick, Kimberly and I went out to boo at the zoo. It started at 8 am (Which is early for our family) but we got up and went. It was pretty cold so the kids didn't really want to walk around. But I believe they had fun. Some of the animals were pretty active so that was fun to see. We made it threw in less than 2 hours (we missed the main crowd that started at 9). And then headed to breakfast! It got us into the Halloween spirit.

 Kimberly: Pebbles! Nick: Transformer
For Halloween we pretty much just hung out during the day. Kimberly and I went over to Patti's work for lunch. Which was fun Kimberly was pretty hyper! Mommy made home made chili (which smelled good all day). Grandma Patti, Pa, and Nick joined us for dinner and trick or treating. This was Kimberly's first year to go trick and treating. She loved it and was so cute. She would say "Pick or Peet" and "thank you" at every house. It was a good night!

Our Cute little pebbles and her baby! 
 Pumpkins we grew in our own garden!!!

~Birthday Fun~

~ Kimberly's Birthday ~

For Kimberly's birthday daddy had to work and Maga flew in to spend the day with us. We had a really fun day shopping with Maga. Kimberly started the day looking so cute in her new birthday outfit and threw out the day maga ended up buying her pretty much every piece of clothing. First she bought the birthday outfit, Then at burlington Kimberly decided to be magical (While sitting in the cart she peed it went down her leg, into her shoes and socks but only got a small spot on her pants) How this happened was beyond me or my mom. While there also we found some really cute Dora boots that I wanted to get so bad but by the time we found her size and put them on her she was sliding all over the place. (who makes boots that don't have any traction) So we didn't get them. Then I ran out of diapers. She needed new shoes and socks. It was a crazy but fun day!!! Thanks Maga for a great shopping day. After shopping we met up with Papa, Grammi and Poppy at a Japanese place for dinner. I thought she would love watching them cook. (She hated the fire so she was nervous the whole time) But on the other side she learned and did really well with the chopsticks! I was a proud momma! ha ha

 ~Kimberly's Party~

The day after her birthday we had a little get together with Grandma Patti, Pa (trip), Janica, and her kids (Anela, Ariana, and Gerry). We had cake and ice cream and opened presents. She loved everything she got.

Mommy and daddy: Fish tank (We ended up losing all but one fish and another one before passing had babies but we are working on being first time fish tank owners!)
Grandma Patti and Pa: Shoes, a new baby w/blanket, bottle, and other items, and a two dollar bill!
Afa Kids: A shopping cart (Kimberly loves)
Grandpa Jared: An Easel and Dora book (Grandpa couldn't make it to the party but he came over a couple days later)

 Mommy made a cake (not my best). Kimberly wanted her bear to be Blue!

 Fire still makes her nervous so mommy and daddy had to blow out the candles.