Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Story of her first day's


I ate my final meal before her delivery, at noon and began my fasting. Then Jeremy went to work at around 2:30. My mom flew in around 4:00 and we went to get pedicures. At 6:00 I called St. Marks hospital to find out when they wanted me to come in. Then at 7:45 we could wait no longer so we arrived at the hospital in hopes they would admit us, which they did end up doing.

My mom and I were taken back to a delivery room and I was changed into one of those beautiful hospital gowns, put on the monitors and checked to see if I had made any progress. The nurse tells me I am 80% and dilated to a one and a half. She then started my I.V. Well baby decided she didn't like that and had her first of a couple of heart rate drops. They threw oxygen on me and her heart rate went back up. After that they were trying to decide if they should still do the cervidil or just start the pitocin at a really low level. After talking to the doctor and he heard what happened with her heart rate he decided to start me on a low level of pitocin. (you can stop pitocin but you can't stop the affects of cervidil, which they wanted to be able to stop labor if her heart rate dropped again). Jeremy and Patti got to the hospital around 3:30a.m. and I was starting to feel pain but it wasn't to bad. The only thing that sucked (at the time) was I had to stay on my right side because either the monitor would lose her heart rate or her hart rate would drop if I laid any other way. (needless to say my right side was aching really bad)

We all started Tuesday morning pretty tired. Jeremy, Grandma Coon, Maga, and I (of course) were at the hospital. After hanging out Jeremy and Patti decided to go get some breakfast and check on Rover. While they were gone I ended up getting very nauseated and throw up all over my mom (sorry about that mom!). Soon after my sister Keesha came over and hung out. Jeremy and Patti got back, so my mom and Keesha could leave for some breakfast and meet up with my dad. The doctor came over around 7 a.m., broke my water, and told me I was 2 cm dilated. They then upped my pitocin to get labor going. I made it a few more hours before I got an epidural, I was at 3 cm when I got it. They also changed from external monitors to internal monitors so I didn't have to lay on one side the whole time. A little while later Grandpa Coon showed up to wait with the rest of the family. Through out the process I had some of the worst heartburn so I kept sucking on tums, but they only worked for a little while. The epidural wasn't as nice as I thought it would be. I'm not sure if it was the anesthesiologist that was all over the place (as in I was not impressed with how she does her work) or if it was were she placed it but my right side kept coming unnumb and I kept feeling my contractions. I ended up getting two upped doses but it still didn't work well. There was also another time that her heart rate dropped so I had to lay on my right side again. Around 7:30p.m. they informed me I was finally at 10 cm but her heart rate dropped once again and so they wanted to call the doctor to see if I should start pushing or wait for him. At around 8p.m. the nurse came in and said that they wanted me to start pushing. I pushed for about 45 min when my doctor arrived and checked me. He informed me that she was face up and wasn't coming any further down so it was my decision to either continue pushing or head in for a c-section. He didn't think I would be able to get her out vaginally for more than one reason. One she was face up and normally he would be able to turn a baby to get them face down but she was wedged. I said I wanted what ever was best for the baby and I didn't want to continue to push and get her more stuck. So we were on our way for a c-section. Jeremy put on his handsome get-up and the anaesthesiologist came in to get me ready. I did get emotion but I knew it was what I needed to do to get my daughter here safely.

The one thing I was nervous about going into the c-sec was that I wanted to make sure the epidural worked and wouldn't wear off in the middle of it. We ended up getting a new anesth. which I was so glad about and he informed me they give me alot more medicine and I wouldn't feel it. They rolled me down to the O.R. with Jeremy by my side. The feelings you have while having a c-sec are very weird and hard to explain. Everything went great and when we heard our daughter cry for the first time we both lite up with excitement. Jeremy ran over and would take picture of her and then would run back over to me and would show me. He then went back over until they gave him the baby to bring over for me to meet. In that time I was so exhausted I actually fell asleep and woke up to a beautiful baby girl right by my face. I got to see her for a min. until they finished up and then rolled me back to my room. Jeremy and the baby right behind me. Back at the room we were greeted by my mom and dad, Patti and Trip, Jared, And Keesha. We were informed she was 7 lbs 5 oz and 21 inches long and boy did she have some beautiful dark brown hair. After spending time with everyone Jeremy and I informed everyone that her name was Kimberly Elizabeth. Jeremy also surprised me with a set of Pearls (Which I have been wanting for a very long time. They are a peach colored set, I can't wait to wear them.) Patti, Trip, Jared, and Keesha then left to go home. My mom, dad, Jeremy, Kimberly and I were taken upstairs to my postpartum room. They then took Kimberly and Jeremy into the nursery to check her temp and give her, her first bath. My mom and dad then left to go get some sleep. Jeremy and I were left to be with our baby girl, for the first time we were a family of three!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

40 Weeks!!!!!

Yes I am still pregnant!!! This little girl is comfy in my belly. I went to the doctors today and he said I haven't changed ANY!!! I'm still 1 cm and 50% effaced. So........they scheduled me for an induction. If she doesn't come SOONER I will begin the fun Monday Oct 19. That night I will go in and they will start the induction. Its scary and exciting to think there is an end in sight. I know this could still happen sooner so there are a lot of emotions going through my body. I can't wait to see her. Today I also went in and had a NST (None stress test) and the baby looks just fine. The only thing they thought about questioning was my fluid. They like you to get a score between 8-24 and I got a 10. It was kind of fun seeing her on the ultrasound again. She did have her back to us but I got to see kind of a side view of her forehead and nose. Her little hand up by her mouth (maybe sucking her thumb!) I would have to say I get a little nervous sometimes these days, I didn't think I would but I guess that comes with realizing I'm going to have to push a baby out. Ha ha!

This last Friday I thought I had started labor nothing serious but I called my mom and sister Keesha, so they flew up on Friday night and stayed until Saturday night. I was fun having them here for a day but it did suck nothing ended up happening. I went to the hospital on Saturday because I thought my water might have started leaking but found out it hadn't. I also got to be hooked up to the monitors for a little while but the nurse told me I look perfectly fine! Now I understand why women have so many false alarms! Well hopefully the next blog will be the baby but we will have to see! Wish us luck.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

39 Weeks

Well we made it 39 weeks.........Doctor said I'm 1 cm dilated and still only 50% effaced so I did do a little this last week but still not much. I guess I need to do a LOT more walking and need to start trying all the different things prego women try. I am back up the 3lbs I lost from being a little sick and everything else is normal, so I can't complain there. Today I spent the day returning and exchanging items so now we are really ready for her. Jeremy will have some setting up to do but I think he likes that part! :-) Well wish us luck that baby decides to come! I will keep everyone posted if anything exciting happens.

Monday, October 5, 2009

We're ready now!

This last weekend Jeremy and I finished getting the babies room ready. His Grandma and I have been working on a quilt for her bed and she finished it and brought it over yesterday. I am so please with how it turned out. The middle square ended up being kind of a headache for us but we figured it out and Jeremy's aunt Sue found someone that did a great job on it. So all I have to say is baby we are READY for you to be here.Her Quilt

Her play yard
38 Weeks