Monday, November 30, 2009

One Month Pictures

Thanks maga for taking us to get these pictures done!


I have been trying to do new things with her long hair! She looks like she has horns with this one!

She is so nice when she is sleeping!

Yesterday Kimberly and I went out and helped Jeremy put christmas lights up. We bundled her up to keep her warm. She liked it for awhile but then got bored!!

This is all you could see of her!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Acouple new posts


Kimberly was one month old yesterday and I turned 26 yesterday! We had a fun day with Maga. She flew in yesterday morning to spend some time with us. We went and got Kimberly's pictures taken........boy was it an adventure!!!
We met up with Grammi J and went down to south towne mall to see if Kiddie Kandids or JcPenney had any opening and JCPenney did so we booked a time which was about an hour away so we walked around the mall. While we were walking Kimberly fell asleep, which was fine I just decided we would get some picture of her sleeping and would plan on getting awake ones later. Well when we got back to the studio I got her undressed and changed her diaper. She ended up waking up and was hungry. Luckily I had brought a bottle to feed her, so I gave her that. Before she finished the bottle they said it was our turn. So we took her in the room and put on one of there diaper covers and laid her down on the white sheet. Well she was still hungry so she got mad. Then she threw up down the white sheet. So my mom picked her up and was trying to comfort her and feed her the rest of the bottle while I cleaned up the puke. Well she decided to go poop up her back right at that moment, but of course she is naked and so it ended up going all down my mom onto the WHITE sheet!!!! Yes my daughter pooped on the white she at the photo studio! I was so embarrassed and was saying "I can't believe you Kimberly!" and " I bet this hasn't happened to you guys". My mom and I kept asking what we could do and they were so nice and just said they will send it out to be cleaned! but I still felt horrible about it. We did end up getting some cute pictures (I'll have to post when we get them) and after I got her dressed and put her back in the stroller. I looked at her and said "you little stinker" She gave me the biggest smile! Oh the joys of being a mom! We then went out to dinner at Iggy's and she was an angel.
~A cute smile we got after we got home from getting pictures!!~

My poor baby!


Last Tuesday Kimberly had to go in for an MRI of her spine. We started out the day with giving her, her last feeding at 5:30 a.m. and then waited to head up to primary children's hospital at 9 a.m. When we got there we had a few doctors come in and talk to us about what was going to happen and decide what kind of sedation she was going to get. They then weight her and we found our baby girl is growing like a weed. She weights 8 lbs. 13oz!!! I'm just glad she is growing! :-) Then two nurses came in and gave her an I.V. (yes I know it was hard for me to watch!) They tried in one hand and could not get the vein (it kept rolling) so the other nurse took over and did it in the other hand. I hated listening to my baby cry! Luckily Jeremy was there to hold her and make her feel better. I Think if I would have gone alone I would have lost it! ~The I.V.'s ~~Her trying to eat her hand she was so hungry poor girl~

After we waited for her turn. It only took about 15 min and they came in and offered her a blanket to take home and told us it was her turn. The nurse took us down to the MRI. They had Jeremy hold her while they gave her the sedation (Kimberly was already worn out from all the excitement she had already started to fall asleep before they gave her the medicine) They then took her into the machine and got her all set up. Then they told us we could not stay and it would take about 45 min. So Jeremy and I headed down to get me something to eat. My stomach was kind of upset but I knew I needed to eat so Kimberly would get a good feeding when she woke up. We walked around the hospital reading all the fun facts about the old Primary Children's hospitals, but of course all we could really think about was our little girl. When we got back up to the MRI they had just taken her out and were setting her up on all the machines to watch her. I hated seeing all the things hooked up to her, but was glad that they were watching her. We ended up having to wake her up to feed at about 1 p.m. she was not happy with us, she wanted to keep sleeping. She did end up eating but never opened her eyes! Jeremy then headed off to work. (we never like him to leave, but we know he has to work) We were then taken down to Same day surgery for a 12 hour observation (she had to be observed because she was under a month old!)~Her sleeping and hooked up to monitors~

Janica then came up to sit with me while we hung out. It was nice to have someone up there to talk to. Kimberly pretty much slept the whole day. She only woke up to eat but never opened her eyes. We left the hospital at 11 p.m. and arrived home around midnight. She finally did open her eyes but just long enough to eat and then feel asleep. She was so good through the whole thing I am a proud mommy!

Fun fact about that night while I was feeding her at midnight I saw the light from the metier out
my back window. I didn't know what it was until the next night. So of course a new mom the first thought that came to my mind was the cops were after someone and it was the light from a spot light. So I got scared and was trying to remember if I locked both my doors! I know I'm funny!

The reason for the MRI:

Our baby girl was born with a "Wort" looking bump right in between her butt cheeks. So the doctors have wanted her to get first an ultra sound and then an MRI of it to see if it is attached to her spine or to see if it is anything serious that we need to get it removed right away. So far the results have come back that it is NOT connected to her spine and it doesn't seem to be anything to worry about. Jeremy and I have decided to get it removed just so she doesn't hav
e to deal with it when she is older. We do not know when she will get it removed we are waiting to go and see the surgeon about it. So we will keep you all updated on that. Thank you for all your support while we go through this! :-)
Her little bump!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Grammi J!!!

Jeremy, Kimberly and I would like to wish our Grammi J a happy birthday!!! You mean the world to us! I wish we got together more often. I mean we live so close but it seems so far away. We hope you have a great birthday and can't wait to see you. Thank you for everything you have done for us and for being there for us when ever we need you. We Love you so much!!!Grammi and Poppy at the hospital with Kimberly

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2 weeks old/Halloween

Yesterday I took Kimberly for her 2 week apt. She is doing great........she left the hospital at 6lbs 11oz and yesterday she was 7lbs 9oz. My baby girl is growing well!!! The past week or so at home have been good. Breastfeeding is going well (as you can tell!) and for the most part she is a good baby. She does have a temper on her but luckily she isn't to much of a crier! I have been doing pretty well I went for my 2 week apt. today and found that I may have a little infection so I have to go on some meds. and have to go back to the doctor on Friday but hopefully it isn't to bad and I will get over it soon. For Halloween Jeremy, Kimberly and I just hung out at home. I made chili for dinner. Patti, Trip and Nick joined us for dinner and helped pass out candy. Kimberly was a ladybug for Halloween, I thought her costume was going to drowned her but she fit in it nicely. It's still hard to believe she is two weeks today. Time does fly by!!!!Our precious angel!!!
Our Ladybug!
She gets very mad if she doesn't get attention!