Wednesday, February 29, 2012

~Monthly Memories~

~January & February~

I've really slacked these past two months! We haven't had much going. Kimberly and I are pretty much home bodies and I have been growing this baby. 

Here are a few things in the past two months:

01. Kimberly is a pretty calm toddler when it is just her and I, But when a friend comes over, we go to someone's house, or we go out to the store she becomes this wild thing! It's entertaining for the first little while then mommy gets a little tired from chasing her!
02. Kimberly likes and sings along to "red solo cup" by Toby Keith (I know, I know.......) ha ha I promise I don't have it on an ipod or anything it is just when we are in the car and she hears it.
03. Kimberly is still a skinny girl. She can still fit in 18 month pants but they are getting to short, so we use a lot of safety pins on her 24 month pants. But she is in 2T t-shirts. (long body, short legs)
04. She is still a major thumb sucker and LOVES to drag her blanket EVERYWHERE. I try to put it up but when we are being lazy its hard for me to not let her use it.
05. When people come over I have noticed she asks them if they brought her a present!! hum....... Spoiled!?!
06. I still don't think she understands there is a baby in my tummy or how different it is going to be when baby gets here.
07. She is still a pretty good eater and will try everything but does like quesadillas , steak, french fries, roman noodles, mac & cheese, and grilled cheese sandwiches best.
08. Kimberly loves to dance and sing.
09. She thinks any kid we see is her 'friend'
10. We have started doing a movie night with her and I love it. We have started with old Disney movies, I love having a baby to enjoy them with. And don't forget the popcorn! ( she is just like her mom and loves popcorn)
11. She says 'mom', 'momma', and 'mommy' all the time but usually doesn't want anything! I will admit it get a little annoying sometimes (Like when I am driving in bad traffic)
12. Kimberly and mommy went down to St. George at the beginning of this month (Feb) and Kimberly got to have her first ride in a convertible (Aunt Kylees) and she LOVED it.
13. She pretty much wakes up between 8 and 830 these days. (oh the days when she used to sleep in until at least 10) 

:: Mommy & Daddy::
01. I am 31 1/2 weeks pregnant. (I can't believe how soon we are going to have another little one)
02. nausea has kind of come back, nothing like at the beginning of the pregnancy but just enough to be annoying. 
03. Daddy has been working a lot of overtime so we haven't had as much time with him.
04. We have been trying to get the house cleaned and organized before this new little one gets here.
05. Its hard to go shopping when you want to buy stuff for the new baby but don't know what sex to buy for! 

I'm sure there is more especially because I didn't do one last month but here is what I have for now.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Kimberly and I went down to St. George for a week and enjoyed some nice warm weather. While there we had a baby shower for my friend Brandy, went to a reception for a friend from high school, watched the Superbowl at Maga and Papas, and spent some time with family. We also had a warm enough day that Kylee put the top down on her car. Kimberly's first convertible ride. And she LOVED it. I think we may have a baby that will want one when she gets older. She has actually asked to go riding in Ky Ky's car a couple times sense being home.


~27 Weeks~ 
(even though I am one day shy of being 30 weeks)

I feel like I never post about this pregnancy!!!! It is true that the second, third, and so on babies kind of get the shaft when it comes to things. I started taking pictures of my pregnancy with Kimberly at 26 weeks so I wanted to take one around the same time with this pregnancy so I could compare. I really do feel like this baby is lower than what Kimberly was but the pictures are actually quit similar. I am slightly bigger with this baby. I started this pregnancy at the weight I ended Kimberly's. (Not to happy about that but oh well!). 

Some things from this pregnancy::
01. I feel really good sickness wise. I was pretty sick at the beginning of this pregnancy but it ended around week 20. 
02. This baby is a MOVER!! I think it moves all the time. Which is a good thing except when I am trying to sleep or I happen to eat to much!
03. I definitely think this baby is lower. I feel it in my pelvic area instead of my ribs. The last few days I actually feel like the baby is bruising my pelvic bone. Its hard to walk sometimes.
04. I have actually been ok with not knowing the sex of this baby. When I go shopping sometime I wish I knew. But when the day comes that the baby is born it will be much more exciting! ( I am still feeling boy)
05. I think Kimberly is starting to sense something big is happening. She has been pretty clingy to me.
06. I think I have started nesting. I don't have a ton of energy but I have all these things I want to do. We have started cleaning the house (deep clean). We plan on moving Kimberly to one of the upstairs rooms and we would like to do it soon so it isn't right when the baby gets here.
07. I am down to two week appointments. And have gained a total of 6 pounds (which is still 14 pounds under my starting weight)
08. Heartburn is coming back and I am not excited about it. (but maybe we will have another baby with a lot of hair)
09. I have started going threw the baby name book. It is so hard naming a baby. I hope we come up with one before baby gets here.
10. I can't wait for baby to join our family!