Sunday, July 31, 2011

~Monthly Memories~

:: Kimberly ::
01. Went to Grandma Patti's cabin for the first time.
02. Does NOT like Fireworks! (unless they are far away)
03. Putting two and three words into sentences
04. Repeats just about everything we tell her to say
05.Aunt Neni (Kenzi) came for a couple days to visit.
06. She adds "too" to almost everything she says
07. She is our little boss!!! When we say its time to go bye bye she will get our shoes and tell us "innar" (in there) while pointing at the shoe, or when we should sit with her, or go where she is going. She will also tell us to "eat" and point at our plates.
08. She put her shoes on herself!
09. She loves playing in the water but HATES to get sprayed with water. (like the sprinklers, shower, etc.)
10. Aunt Natalie came for a visit
11. This is kind of an older one but I just read and noticed I never put it. But when we are driving she will always asks for a "hamwhich" (Hamburger) I don't know why she doesn't like them all the time so I think it is her way of saying she is hungry.
12. She says "happy" all day!!!! ( I guess we are not happy enough for her so she is reminding us all to be HAPPY)
13. We went to the zoo for the first time this year. Kimberly was so much fun! She would get so excited seeing all the animals! The elephant was her favorite.
14. Danielle, Kaydence, Dominick, Kimberly, and I came down to St. George (Danielle and Kids went home but Kimberly and I are still here)
15. We went to Antigravity here in St. George and Kimberly got to try out her first trampoline and she liked it. (until she was running on it and couldn't stop and ran right into the wall) *She did get back on it!*

::Funnies by Kimberly::

01. After we ate the other day Grandpa Coon was carrying Kimberly out to the car. We all got into the car and started to drive, when Kimberly starts saying "mapa (grandpa) hit me!" . we all started to laugh and grandpa asked why did I hit you that's not nice. She then said "it urt (hurt)". I have no idea if that is really what she was saying but that is exactly what it sounded like. Still don't know why she thought her grandpa hit her!!!!! (She has started doing this a lot! The dog has hurt her, other people hurt her, etc I have no idea were this came from!!)

::Mommy & Daddy::

01. We bought around $300 worth of fireworks in Evanston, WY
02. FINALLY got hydro seed!!! Can't wait for a lawn!!!!
03. Daddy got the whole week of 7/2-7/10 off. We love having him home at night.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~Hogle Zoo~

Grandpa Coon, Natalie, Daddy, Mommy, and Kimberly went to Hogle Zoo. It was perfect weather for our outing!! We went around 11:30am, so while we were there a lot of the animals were getting feed. It was cool to see the animals out and about. (I was afraid that going in the middle of the day they would be sleeping and hiding from us) I think Kimberly enjoyed the zoo a lot better this year. She has been into animals a lot more these days. I loved seeing her reaction when she would finally notice the animal. On the other hand she did NOT like the dinosaurs they had there. If we got to close and it would make a noise she would grab on tight and would want us to walk away. After we went to Cafe Rio for dinner (yum!)  and then we headed over to uncle Paul and aunt Jodi's house to swim (sorry no pictures). It was a ton of fun and we were so glad daddy took the day off to spend it with us!

Aunt Natalie and Kimberly!!!! (We like when Aunt Nat comes to visit)

 I think the Elephant was her favorite!
 She is so funny, when you crouch down to talk to her, she will do the same!
 Grandpa and Kimberly

 She hasn't been to fond of carousals lately, but we wanted to try. So Aunt Nat took her first and she didn't want anything to do with getting on the giraffe.
 But then mommy took her and kind of forced her onto the animal. After it started she actually enjoyed it and when I tried taking her off at the end of the ride she kept saying "no" "no" "more" "more".

 We had to measure up!
 Towards the end she got really tired and fell asleep before we could go on the train ride. Good thing we bought a year pass!!!

 I had to take these pictures to capture her mad face!!! ha ha she is doing these faces all the time now, and I have no idea where they come from, I NEVER make these type of expressions!!! ha ha

 And I would have to say I "heart" these shoes so much. I hope she doesn't grew out of them to soon!

Monday, July 18, 2011


 Guess who put her own shoes on!!!! (nope not me! ha ha) Yep Kimberly put her shoes on herself the other day. I love how she grabs her foot and puts it in the shoe. 

 She got one on and went for the other one!

 She did it!!!
 So she did it again!
 Playing with Rover!
 Then while we were waiting for Papa to get here we found water in the ditch out front. Kimberly had so much fun!!!! She kept telling me to get in the water then I would and then she would tell me to get out!!! ha ha such a little boss!

 Daddy showed Kimberly how to put a stick in the water and watch it float down. Kimberly tried it herself but she picked a stick that was a little to big!! 

 Maga and Neni (Kenzi) got Kimberly this cute dress so I wanted to take her picture to send them. Well this is how she was for the little photo shoot!!!

Funny girl!!!! I love her so much

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

~4th of July~


 For the 4th we just hung out at our house. Grandma (Patti), Pa (Trip), Great grandma and Grandpa Dyches came over. We made home made garlic burgers, potato salad, broccoli salad, chips, and Home made Ice cream and peach cobbler!!! It was so yummy! Then after it got dark Jeremy set off some of the many fireworks he got. It was a great night, well except Kimberly didn't like the fireworks at ALL!! She just cried and wanted to go inside. I didn't like them much as a kid either so I guess she doesn't take after her daddy.
Our cute 4th of July baby! I loved her outfit!
 My two fire bugs!

 Rover tries to get the fireworks!!! I love the look of the water.
 Kimberly found an ant!
 Home made ice cream and cobbler!!
 Jeremy showed Kimberly to put her arms up and say "boom" when we ask her what a firework does!
 Our little family

 Cuddling with Great grandma!