Saturday, December 31, 2011

~Monthly Memories~


December came and went! I can't believe the holidays are over. We had a great month even though it was pretty low key.

01. She is quiet the character these days.
02. She thinks skipping is walking backwards.
03. She loves carrying around purses, phones, and wearing sunglasses.
04. She still doesn't like Santa Clause (Maybe next year)
05. She does really good with her big girl bed. Hopefully she still does good when we move her room to one of the upstairs rooms.
06. She loves looking at Christmas lights.
07. If you ask her, her full name she says "Kimerly Coon" It's pretty cute.
08. Her favorite work to say is 'huh' to everything you say. 
09. She gets scared more easily these days. (She got scared of the bath water at the hotel in St. George)

~Mommy & Daddy~
01. Daddy has had over a week and a half off work. We have loved having him home with us.
02. Mommy is 23 weeks Pregnant! 
03. Daddy got to feel the baby kick.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

~Christmas Time~

 We have been having fun this holiday season. 

First we put Christmas lights on the house. We had to bundle up a little and I think Kimberly looked so cute!!! She was a big helper!

 Handing daddy the hooks
 Then we went to Grandma Patti's work to see Santa! Well I'm sure you can guess by the picture how excited Kimberly was to see him.
 But......she loved the present
 A new baby doll (The whole week before she said she was going to ask Santa for a "baby sister please" not sure where this came from)
We then put up our Christmas tree. I love having a real Christmas tree in my house. The smell.....the look.....everything. Kimberly loved putting up the decorations. It was a little hard for her to understand 'fragile' but we made it without breaking any and we will need to get some more that she can do (non fragile).
Such a serious look on her face when she would put one on the tree.

While at the grocery store Jeremy decided to get a coconut to try. He didn't love it (he said it was to strong for him) but Kimberly LOVED it! She ate a pretty big chunk of it and liked the milk.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

~Half Way~

~20 weeks~

Well I have made it 20 weeks! It's crazy that I'm half way. 
As bad as I felt in the beginning it has been going by at a steady pace. 
I still have my sick moments but it has been pretty good lately. Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant and then I get a cramp or a kick that reminds me! :)
The baby has been moving around like crazy and I am enjoying each movement.
Last week at about 19 1/2 weeks we had our ultra sound. 
I love seeing the baby. They said everything looked ok but the doctor would say for sure at our next apt.
We DID wait to find out the sex of this baby. I didn't know if I would go threw with it but I am excited to wait and see when the baby is born.
Now we need to really start looking at names!!!
I have felt more cramping/stretching lately but the doctor says it is all normal.
If I walk around to much my lower body starts to hurt. I believe it is my sciatic nerve!
I feel like I am more active with this pregnancy which is nice. But I do enjoy my lazy days when I get them!
I feel like my stomach is starting to stick out (but not enough to put pictures up yet! Ha ha)
I still can't believe I have less than 5 months and I will be a mom of 2!!!!