Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rehearsl Dinner

Our Rehearsl dinner was at Lone Star Steak house. MMMM.....!!!! Jeremy gave me a beautiful heart locket with his picture in it.

Girls day out!

For our girls day out before the wedding we went and all got pedicures and most of us got massages. It was a great day and I definatly recommend!!! :)

Our Wedding

Well we finally got married!!! It was the happiest day for both of us. Well at least I know it was for me. :) The day went very well, I stayed at my grammi's house the night before with Kenzi. That morning after her and I got up we headed to my parents hotel where we meet up with Brandy (who was helping with hair). Kylee and Brandy started doing all the girls hair. Jeremy's mom and sister came over shortly later and got there hair done. After we headed up to the reception center to finish getting ready. While we were there I was basically grounded to the brides room. Jeremy and his mom had designed the wedding cake and I couldn't see it tell I was walking down the aisle. The girls finished hair and makeup. Got our dresses on and was ready for the show to begin. After all the bridesmaids got lined up in the order of walking down the aisle. My sister Kylee realized we forgot to put my veil on, so all the girls were running around the room trying to locate it. We found it and throw it on my head right as the music started for Kenzi to walk down the stairs. I believe that was the only thing that almost went wrong. When it was my turn to walk down the stairs I started to cry, then after I glanced up and saw Jeremy standing there in his Navy uniform and tears in his eyes, I started to ball. I did make it throw the vows without crying but that is were Jeremy got choked up. I loved every minute of it though. That shows me that Jeremy was as happy as I was to be getting married. After that we took tons of pictures and visited with people. It was a great night that neither one of us will ever forget. Everything from the florist to the food was perfect. I know I have married the man of my dreams and can't wait for our honeymoon and to start a family with him.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bachlorette/Bachlor Party

Well we had our parties last weekend and they both went very well. Mine was at my house and had a ton of friends and family show up. We played a couple games one were they asked my questions about Jeremy and if I got them wrong I had to take a jello shot. I got quite a few wrong!! but I didn't get drunk. Then we played a relay race where you had to put on lingerie run and put a condom on a cucumber take off the condom and the lingerie and past it on to the next player. The only problem is they put family on one team and friends on the other. (Family was the ones drinking, so we had all the drunks) We lost!! Friends won. :( After the games everyone slowly headed home. So Keesha, Jeremy's cousins, Aunt, and I went over and crashed Jeremy's Party. Jeremy's party was at his aunts house. He had a great time also they had a stripper that they loved of course and then drank. There isn't much to a guys party!! The only thing is Jeremy drank alittle to much so when I got there he was just throwing up! And pretty much pasted out. He was sick for the next couple days but says he had a great time and thats all that matters!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

9 Days tell the wedding

Well we only have 9 more days tell I'm legally Mrs. Jeremy Coon. I can't wait for next saturday! All our family is starting to come in to town, I'm so excited to see all of them. My new sister-in-law Natalie comes on tuesday, she hasn't been able to be involve in the wedding planning cause she lives in Austin. But don't worry she will be busy enough once she gets here. My parents and sisters, nephews and neice are coming into town starting thursday so we can finish last minutes things. And on friday have our girls and guys days. This saturday will be my bachlorette party and Jer's bachlor party so I will be posting about those later.