Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeremy

I just wanted to give a little shout out to the best husband ever. Today is Jeremy's 29th birthday!! I can't believe he is almost 30. Jeremy has been my best friend for the past 5 years and I'm sure he will be for the rest of my life. He is the best thing that has come into my life, I couldn't have asked for anything more!! I love you babe.

For Jeremy's birthday we went camping. We both love the mountains (we I guess the three of us do, I can't forget Rover) On Friday Patti, Trip, Grandma and Grandpa Dyches came up just for the day. We went for a ride and found a lake no body in the family knew about, While grandma made us dutch oven roast for dinner. After they left we just hang out by the fire. Both of us get mesmerised by the fire so we sat around that for a while. Then on saturday we went back to the lake and tried some fishing, unfortinatly we didn't get anything, but Rover sure had a fun time in the water and chasing the birds. We finally got him to actually swim, he is kind of afraid of the water so we had to coach him a bit for him to go, but he did. Then today we went on a four wheeler ride to another Lake and played in the water trying to catch little inch long fish. We ended up catching about 9. We had Rover run on both the rides we went on so now that we are home he barely gets up to get a treat, we wore our poor puppy right out. Jeremy and I would have loved to stay up there longer!! But I guess we have to come back and make some money.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Peanut Butter Jar

Diesel was being so funny today so I had to video it. We were cleaning the backyard and found a old peanut butter jar that Jeremy had given Rover to lick out the left overs, well Diesel found the jar and went nuts. This is after he played with the jar for awhile, but I bet you didn't know how much fun it was to play with a peanut butter jar, did ya?!!! LOL

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Friend to visit

This is Rover and Diesel when D was 8 weeks old
This is them this weekend, he's almost as big as Rover!

So Rover has a friend over for the weekend. It is my cousin Chandler's 4 month old boxer "Diesel" or "D". We are dog sitting him while his dad goes hunting. Anyways they are so funny to watch play. They play and play and play. I think Rover gets tired of him sometimes, but still loves to have a friend over. I figured while I was just sitting outside watching them I would try out this video stuff. I don't have kids so I haven't done one yet. But now that I've figured it out you might see a lot of Rover!!! hahaha. Well enjoy the video!! oh and Rover taught him how to roll in the grass to scratch his own back, so I was glad D did it to show you what he has learned. We have also been working on Sit and Lay with D. He gets the Sitting but he can't quit figure out the Laying. We'll just keep working on it, they like the treats anyways! :)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jarryn's 5 Years Old

So my nephew went and got his 5 year old pictures so I had to post them because they were so cute. His is a stud!!!! Love you Jar Bear!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Yesterday or I guess two days ago (7/30/08) was my little nephew Jarryn's birthday. He is 5!!! I can't believe how fast time goes. He is the cutest little boy ever! I hope my kids are as cute as he is. I wish I could spend more time with him, but with 300 miles between us it's alittle harder. I do have to tell you the phone conversation I had with him. When I called he aswnered the phone and I said "Happy Birthday" He was so confused on what to say back he said "Happy birthday".....So I told him " no, its your birthday! You say thank you" Well he just sat there for a minute and then said "Do you have a present for me" Kirah-" yes but I can't give it to you until next weekend" Jarryn-"ok I'm done!!!!!" then handed the phone to Keesha. I was laughing so hard he didn't want anything to do with me because I wasn't giving him a present. I love that kid, he cracks me up almost every time I talked to him. Most the time he would rather talk to Jeremy (His buddy) than me but every now and then I'll get him to talk to me for a min. I guess I need to hang out and play more video games with him like Jeremy does when we see him. Well here is a little shout out to the BIRTHDAY BOY!!! *Kiss*