Wednesday, December 30, 2009

~2 month check up~

~2 Month Stats~

Kimberly had her two month apt. today. She had to get shots and wasn't very happy about it she also had to get her belly button chemically cauterised because it hasn't healed all the way and has to get ointment put in her eyes because she has a clogged tear duct. Man my poor baby! she is doing amazing with it all, we put the ointment in her eyes this evening and she didn't even cry. Other than those few things she is very healthy and growing perfectly. The doctor also said she might start sleeping through the night, that would be nice. He also said we could try to put her in her crib to sleep at night instead of the bassinet. I'm not sure when we will try that, we will have to see.

11lbs 4oz-49%
23 in. tall- 71%

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas was GREAT this year.....(well most of it...I hated not being with my family down south) We got some really fun stuff like....a new laptop...Wii fit...biggest loser game for Wii fit...guitar hero...glider chair for babies room...surround sound system for upstairs...catch phrase...a web cam so grandparents can see Kimberly grow up...some much needed money to work on our yard this summer...a skilsaw...mirror for living room Twilight...Family game night game for PS2...socks... and a lot of candy.....Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts!

Kimberly got some really fun stuff also, it might be awhile before she can play with some of it but I know she will love it......Exersauser...learn and groove musical table...1.2.3 lights'n sound ball...another playmat...her first baby and bear...a rocking horse...a bouncing pig...some new outfits..... I can't wait to watch her enjoy these gifts, she just needs to be a little more sturdy with her neck to play with some of these toys.

The night before Christmas Eve we made dinner for Patti, Trip, Grandma and Grandpa Dyches. We had Prime Rib, Yams, Green salad, Jell-O, and Rolls. It was a Wonderful dinner. We then spent Christmas Eve with Jeremy's dad, we went to Chili's for dinner then came back and played the Wii, then watched The Hangover (pretty funny movie). On Christmas day we went to Patti's for breakfast and opened gifts from her, came home for some rest, then went to Jeremy's grandparents for early dinner and opened some gifts from them, then we went to Jared's house to spend some time with him. We then came home and relaxed. I love Christmas time. Spending time with family. We had went down to St. George the weekend before Christmas. We saw my two little sisters and nephew in their Christmas performance, had a big dinner my Grammi J made and opened some gifts from them. I wish I could have stayed down there longer but there is so much going on at Christmas its hard to stay in one place. And I'm sorry aunt Natalie couldn't come this year but we had her in our hearts and hope she had a great Christmas in Austin! :-) Here are some fun pictures of Christmas.................

~This is what I came in the room and found, Jeremy teaching her young~

~one of her first baby dolls~

~Best present ever~

~First family of three Christmas~

~So cute, my angel!~
~This was the stocking I was put in the Christmas after I was born, so I thought I would start a tradition~

Sunday, December 20, 2009

2 Months Old!!!

First Christmas Present from Aunt Kenzi!! Its a big hit!!

01. She smiles all the time
02. Loves when people talk to her
03. Demands attention most the time
04. Breastfeeds like a champ, ok when I have to give her a bottle
05. Starting to love toys, expecially her sunshine flower on her carseat
06. Still has a ton of hair
07. I have to cut her finger nails every week
08. Almost giggles
09. Went on her first road trip to St. George, Did great in the car for five hours
10. Has officially meet all her grandparents, great grandparents, and cousins (as of tomorrow)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas fun part 2

This last weekend we did our finishing Christmas shopping and made some yummy treats. We made fudge and sugar cookies. I have plans to make caramel popcorn balls but we will see. Kimberly has been a little fussy this last weekend and wants a lot more attention so my time is spent with her. Which I don't mind at all she is my life now! She has been trying to coo a lot more these days also. It is so fun to watch her learn new things. I love this little girl so much, I love being a mommy! Daddy has a little more of a hard time with the fussiness but he still loves being a dad. And last night while we were making treats we found that Kimberly loves to dance around the kitchen with mommy and daddy, but does look at us like we are crazy! :-)

Here are some more pictures of another fun Christmas outfit! This one is from my mom's friend Kristie. "Thanks Kristie, we love new warm fuzzy outfits!"

"but hate hats!!" ha ha she is not a fan of hats these days
These two pictures are of her second bath. We didn't get any of the first so I took some at this bath. She is ok with baths but they are still not her favorite and I'm sure its because she doesn't like to get cold!
My beautiful angel!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas fun!

I'm so excited for Kimberly"s first Christmas! We have been putting up lights, decorations, and the tree. Kimberly was given some cute outfits by her Grandma Pearmain (Maga) and they are so cute on her. On Saturday she took her first REAL bath. (Yes I know she is almost 7 weeks, but that is how long it took for her umbilical cord to fall off, She is a late starter on things) She enjoyed it until I washed her hair and then I think she got cold. We didn't get any pictures of her in the bath because Jeremy was video taping it but we got some of her after in one of her cute outfits!
Yesterday we also tried on her hat Jeremy and I bought for her to see if it would fit. We got some fun smiles from her!

This is another outfit she got from Maga! With a short video for her underneath this pictures. Thanks for everything mom!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Kimberly's Cry for attention!

So Kimberly has this cry and makes it sound like she is in incredible pain. I decided I needed to record it for her to listen to when she is older. So no I am not inflicting any pain on my child in recording this, so please don't call child services on me! :-) She will cry this hard and then be perfectly fine. She is a very funny girl!!