Wednesday, December 22, 2010


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Look who's finally showing signs of walking!!!! :) She still isn't walking around the house but she will walk between two people or furniture and someone. The first part of the video is her walking with just me, second is a video of her doing her fish face. ( I know I ask her to show me over and over but its cute!)
And the last two are her walking with Jeremy and I. She is getting better but she keeps her legs stiff so once she realizes she needs to bend her knees more she will probably be running! Enjoy!

~First Santa experience~

I took Kimberly over to Grandma Coon's work for there kid Christmas party. I was so excited to see how Kimberly would be with Santa. When you ask her want Santa does she says "ho, ho, ho" But after waiting in line and saying 'ho, ho, ho' we finally made it up to Santa well........... Here was our results.

She did NOT like him!!!! I'm sure it was because I just went up and set her on a strangers lap and then walked away! (can't really blame her!) But she did enjoy her present from Santa.
(a book that talks to her!, She loves to play with it in the car while driving around)

Kimberly helping us set up the tree. She ended up going to bed before we decorated it and then we had a few set backs (tree almost falling over, stand breaking, not being able to find another stand for a couple days) but we did finally get it up and decorated. (Pictures to come with Christmas post)

She followed Jeremy back and forth from the kitchen getting water for the tree! She likes to help!

The babe's with there favorite things (Kay- binkie, Kimberly-thumb!)
They have so much fun together!

A couple days ago we made Christmas candy. Kimberly was asleep while we did it so this is her the next morning. We saved her a spoon with home made fudge on it!!! mmmmm.....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

~12 months of Kimberly~

~Kimberly E. Coon~
I forgot to put this on here so its a little late but I love all these pictures and this is what was in her Birthday invites.
Its crazy how different but how much a like she looks from birth to 11 months!

Monday, December 6, 2010

~Ponytail and climbing~

I put Kimberly's hair into a her first pony tail the other day! She wasn't feeling well and had a runny nose so I was trying to figure out a way to keep her hair out of her face. I think it turned out cute even though the back is still a little to short!

I brought Kimberly's rocking chair upstairs and she LOVES to climb in and out of it and hang out and watch Dora in it!!!!

After Kimberly learned to climb in and out of her chair she decided it would be fun to climb in her toy basket!!! She is such a funny girl these days!

* A little side note: Kimberly took three steps Saturday night and has 6 teeth!!!!

~Festival of Trees~

Kimberly and I went to the Festival of Trees with Danielle, Justin, Dominick, and Kaydence. It was really fun and I think Kimberly enjoyed seeing the trees. We also watched a few dance classes perform and tried some treats. Kimberly kept doing the "more" and "eat" symbol and pointing at everyone that had food. You would think by the way she eats that I never feed her. She eats like a horse!!!! While we were there we got to try a pretzel, scone, and sweet roll. Very good!!!

Justin, Danielle, Dom, and Kay
What a cute little family

Kimberly loves Kaydence! She loves to give kisses to everyone!

Pretty girl!

Best Friends

She liked sitting on the train!