Thursday, June 30, 2011

~Monthly Memories~

01. She loves to talk on the phone. She now takes then phone and walks around the room! (Her daddy paces when he is on the phone so I think she got that from him).
02. She loves honeycombs cereal!!! (Also cornpops and kix's)
03. 6/7/11 She came up to me and told me she had to go 'niky' (Stinky), then she told me she wanted to go in the potty 'otty'. I kind of blow it off thinking she had already gone. But then she kept repeating 'niky, otty', 'niky, woo, otty'. So I took her into the bathroom and looked in her diaper. *no poop* so I took off her diaper and set her down on her little potty. And after a couple sec. she went poop!!! I am so proud of her!!!!
04. She loves to dance and sing to any music. She will say "ut oh" when ever the songs end and then "tada" when the next one starts.
05. She got to go to the Princess Festival!!!!
06. Her favorite song is "Ramalama" by Roison Murphy!!!!
07. She is trying to put words together into sentences ("" basically asking if her and Kaydence can go take a nap)
08. Went to the West Fest and a Parade for the first time.
09. Was introduced to new animals at the petting zoo (Horses, Goats, Donkeys, Rabbits, Zebra..etc)
10. New sounds she makes: Fire truck "woowoo" Firework "boom boom" Horse "Neigh"
We can't believe how big she is getting. Everyday she is doing so much more and learning so fast.

::Mommy & Daddy::

01. Mommy's great uncle LaVoy Mann passed away.
02. The whole family went down to St. George to Corbin and Carly's wedding.
03. Kimberly gave mommy her first fat lip! Luckily it went down the next day.
04 We are getting so close on our yard. (pictures to come I promise I'm just waiting for us to spray hydroseed first) We are really happy with how it is turning out!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Fun stuff~

Aunt Nat is in Spain right now and while ago we received this in the mail. It sounds like she is having a great time! We can't wait for aunt Nat to come and visit us! 
It looks so pretty over there! 

 The other night Kimberly insisted that we wrap her baby up in her blanket, read the baby a story, and that the baby goes to bed with her. So later when I was going to bed I went to check on her and this is what I saw. So Cute I had to take a picture!
 Its been getting hotter at our house so I decided to pull the pool out I bought her. She had so much fun getting in and out of the pool. And lounging with mommy on the chairs.

 We went to a couple West Fest events this last weekend. First we went to the parade: Kimberly's first, She wasn't sure about it at first. But by the end she enjoyed it and was waving at the people. Maybe next time she will wave at more then just the end cops. ha ha

 She loved getting candy. Especially the dum dum sucker!
 Then we went home and took a nap after Grandpa Coon (Jared) met up with us and we headed over to main event (West Fest). We walked around the booths, had some yummy dinner, and then walked over to see what rides and games they had.  
Kimberly had a low fever all Saturday so she was a little out of it. We got her some corn (Her Favorite right now) but she just didn't feel good enough to eat much of it. Then we didn't want to take her on any rides. Not sure if she is getting teeth or if something is going around.

 Then that night we headed to the school by our house to watch the fireworks. It has been so nice that we found that we can see the West Fest Fireworks from close to our house so we don't have to deal with the crowd!!! Kimberly loved them she would sit there and say "boom, boom, boom" 

 On Sunday Maga, Papa, and Neni (Kenzi) came over to hang out before there flight home. We always love when family comes to visit. After Jeremy showed Kimberly the poppers. She liked stepping on them and making them pop. (The only bad thing was that the package we bought was real cheesy so most of them didn't work)

~Princess Festival~

 We took the kids (Kimberly, Ariana, Anela, and Gerry) to the princess festival at Thanksgiving point. It was pretty fun especially for Ariana but Kimberly didn't really catch onto the "Princess" thing yet. So after walking around and attempting to watch a play with her, I went and found a sand pit for her to play in. Then she was in real heaven when we were going to leave and found the water to play in. 

The kids all dressed up and in the carriage.
 Kimberly with Ariel. *the only princess I got a picture of with Kimberly*

 My Princess and Me
 Kimberly in the sand pit

 We found the water to play in!!! She loved it until she tripped and went face first into the water!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This first part of this video is Kimberly at the park. She loved this bridge and she looked like she was moon walking!!! The next two are of her new obsession! She LOVES the song "ramalama" that is the only thing she wants to listen to in the car. So I decided to video her in the house to see if she would dance and well......... I think this is her audition for "so you think you can dance" ha ha *Sorry you can't hear the music I should have turned it up louder. The second video you can hear part of it better. so turn up the volume and enjoy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

~St.George/Corbin's Wedding~

 ~Picture Overload~

This first two pictures are of before we went to St. George. Just some fun ones of us around the house.
Kimberly loves to get out her vacuum and vacuum with mommy!

She carried daddy's shoe in and was trying it on!!!!

 I thought it was funny she could fit in one shoe!!
 This is Kimberly at the hotel in St. George she was watching the other people in the pool.

 Then we went down to the pool. The water was kind of cold so she couldn't stay in to long but she loved it.

 Kimberly and Daddy in the hot tub warming up.

Baby Cambrie in her pretty dress!

Her beautiful mommy getting ready! 

 I love this picture!!! Corbin and Cambrie right before they walked down the aisle.
 Daddy and Kimberly at the wedding!! 

 I love the dress my mom bought Kimberly!

 Grammi and Kimberly walking around!

 We decided to try and get some family pictures while we were all there.
The Brooks family
 Maga, Papa and the grandkids!! (They weren't being the best! Lexi was mad at her mommy for playing with Braylon!!)
 The Original clan!!
 Yep they are goof balls!!!
 Our little family! Jeremy looks a little uncomfortable! (I don't have all the pictures, I have to get them from my parents, these where just the ones on our camera)
 Our little angel!!!

 Braylon (Carly's baby) was jammin' at the reception!!!

 Kimberly dancing with her aunt 'neni' (Kenzi)

 The next day on our way home we stopped and saw Great Grandma and Grandpa Coon. These where the flowers in her front yard!!! She LOVES her flowers! I can't believe how big they are.
 We went on a walk around a couple blocks and saw some horses (Kimberly wasn't to sure about them) A community garden, Saw Grandpa Coon's (Jared) Property, Played at the park, and got a drink from the store. Leeds is a perfect place for grandma and grandpa, quiet and very nice neighbors.
 Feeding the horses

 Riding with Great Grandma Coon
 Daddy, Great grandma Coon, Kimberly, and Great Grandpa Coon.
 The park

 Saying goodbye to Great Grandma and Grandpa is always sad but we had to head home!
 On the way home we stopped and visited the petting zoo!!! Didn't even know they had one half way between Salt Lake and St. George. It was nice to get out and stretch our legs.

 I love Kimberly's little pony tail!!!

 She finally got brave and petted the goats!
 This one was funny! It had to jump up into the food to eat it!!!
 Kimberly was laughing in the back seat so I turned around and she was playing with daddy's hat. Funny girl! She was so good on the car ride!!!!
 When we got home I found that my roses had come out. I can't believe how big they were!!!
 Some of our new flowers! I'm glad most of our new plants are doing good. I will be posting yard pictures in a while!!!!