Monday, February 28, 2011

~Monthly Memories~


01. She is an official walker!!!! (It's about time little girl)
02. Kimberly say's 'b' when she wants me to sing the ABC's.
03. She loves, knows, and finds Elmo everyday. "Melmo" is how she says it.
04. She tested positive for RSV but it wasn't to bad. Just like a normal cold.
05. Still only 9 teeth
06. She climbed up on a couch all by herself
07. Will NOT go down the stairs backwards. She insists on learning forward but just ends up falling into my arms. So we still have the baby gate up.
08. Her car seat faces forward now
09. Her bedtime routine is bath, vitamins, brush teeth, read books, bed! She goes to bed great every night (I hope I'm not ruining it by saying this)
10. Insists on walking every where!!!!
11. She love's fruit snack
12. She says "tank to" Thank you and "orry" Sorry!
13. She knows where her belly is
14. We put in our order for the plants for our yard!!! We can't wait for spring

Friday, February 25, 2011

~Look what I can do~

Make video montages at
I got a couple videos of some of the things Kimberly is doing these days. Me doing the weird laugh was my trying to make Kimberly do her evil laugh. But as you can see she doesn't do it so I just sound like a goof. The first part is Kimberly playing with Rover. She hasn't been that interested in him so I thought it was interesting that she decided to when I was videoing. Then she shows you that she loves the word "no" and she shows you some of the signs she can do. Then I got her trying asparagus for the first time. And then she does the animal sounds she knows. Oh and tries to show you where her belly is!!!


Oh I love having a toddler

*Little fingers pointing at pictures*
*Painting finger and toe nails*

*Messy faces*

*Getting into cupboards*

*Fun hair do's*

*Brushing teeth*

*Cutest smile around*
*Kimberly is such a fun toddler! She does so much these days, She doesn't act like a baby anymore! I love it but also miss the baby!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

~Valentines~ 3 New posts

For Valentines daddy had to work, so we went out to dinner the day before. On Valentines Kimberly and I signed cards for daddy. It was so cute I had to take some pictures!

She had to taste the crayon of course!

I love that I caught her pointing at the XOXO on the card! I love her little fingers!

We Love you daddy!

And hope everyone else had a great Valentines day!

~Baby Love~

Kimberly *Loves* her baby dolls these days. She carries them around, pushes them in the stroller, wraps them up in a blanket, kisses them, and hugs them. I love watching her with the babies, she is getting so big!

~St. George~

*We flew to St. George Jan 31st
*Kimberly starts walking officially Feb 1
*Lexi finds out she has RSV Feb 2
*Superbowl Feb 6
*Kimberly starts acting sick with a fever Feb 6
*Take Kimberly to insta care Feb 8 go to hospital to get tested for RSV
*Find out Kimberly has RSV Feb 9
*Take her to get suctioned out around 1 and don't end up getting in until after 3
*Go back to clinic around 9:30 Both times get told she has really thick mucus!
*Take her back to clinic twice a day for 4 more days
*Had a baby shower for Carly and Corbin Feb 12 (which is also Carly's 18th birthday)
*Flew home Feb 12
*Felt like my extra week in St. George was spend in the car or at the clinic!
*Love visiting family but do enjoying being home and being with daddy again.
Pictures of St. George:

Kimberly on the plane watching rampers work

Such a good girl on the plane, just read her book!

Kimberly and Lexi playing

Lexi Lou! I put her hair into a ponytail!

Kimberly is a walking machine now!

You know she wasn't feeling well, She feel asleep on the couch! This girl loves her bed!

Sitting at Jarryn's School waiting to pick him up!

Playing Peek-a-boo!

Lexi showing Kimberly how a "real" toddler acts!!! ha ha (Getting into everything their not supposed to!)

Lexi tried to hug Kimberly every time they were together but Kimberly always said "no" and pushed her away but we did get Kimberly to kiss her good bye before we left for the airport to come home.

Keesha, Grammi, and the babies!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


~Well she is Officially walking~

We came down to St. George for a week and I don't know what it is about Kimberly and going somewhere other than our house, but she does new things or accelerates on other things. She has been showing signs of walking for a week or so but the day after we got here she was walking and showing off that she could walk. Even tried picking something up from a standing position. (she did this the first time but then got so excited that every other time she did it to fast and fell over) Then the day after she followed my dad around the kitchen down the hall and into the living room twice, Without falling once!!!! Now she walks everywhere she can. She fallows around the house and wants to walk in the stores and places we go. Its so weird to turn around and see her walking. She takes after her mother, in that I didn't walk until 14-15 months! Unlike her dad that walked at 9 months!