Saturday, April 30, 2011

~Monthly Memories~


01. Kimberly's new phrases "where go" ( "Where did ______ go?" ), "i know" ("I don't know") I can't remember if I put this already but she can also say "all done".
02. Kimberly says "me" instead of "mine" (it's a lot cuter that she says "me" so I haven't corrected her!)
03. Helped mommy make cookies!
04. She now knows how to lay down and get back up in the bath by herself without getting her face in the water. (unless she slips and then she looks at me like I did it!!!)
05. She has a major attitude showing up. She claims things are 'hers' ("mine") all the time. She will not look at me in the eyes when I try to talk to her seriously! (when she is in trouble, or I am telling her not to do something) then she will look at me and say "hi, mommy" and will hug and kiss me!
06. When she doesn't want to go to sleep she says "ni, ni, no"
07. When we went to Lowe's she pointed at the flowers and said "fower"
08. She likes to push everything around the house like the item is a stroller.
09. She puts her finger up to her mouth and says "thhhhhh" (Shhhhhh) When we say someone is sleeping or when we do it to her.
10. Had professional pictures done 3 times this month!!!!
11. She can show you were your "no" nose, "mou" mouth, "eye", "ear", "air" hair, and "beep beep" tummy are.
12. Kimberly has become quiet the meat eater. She loves hamburgers, hot dogs, turkey, ham......

Jeremy and Kirah
01. We had our 3rd anniversary!
02. I became addicted to a game on facebook called "Gardens of time"
03. Jeremy took me to my first Supercross! It was really good.
04. Cut out our front lawn.
05. I got to go to the dump for the first time ever!!!! (It was quiet a treat!!!)

It is April 30 and it SNOWED!!!! Man I don't think we are getting much of a spring!

It is also my big sisters 30th Birthday!!! Happy birthday to one of my best friends and the best sister.

Monday, April 25, 2011

~Easter 2011~


We had a great Easter!! Kimberly and I found eggs in the morning, had a great breakfast, took naps, went to Grandma Patti's for dinner and dessert, and Kimberly found more eggs at Grandmas!! The only thing that would have made it better was if my family from St. George was here!

Kimberly and all her eggs

Kimberly helping mommy find her eggs

Kimberly looking threw her basket

She got: two different balls (different sizes), Bubble wand and bubbles, a duck that goes over the faucet in the bathtub that also makes bubbles, a little shovel and rack, and candy!

She was waiting so patiently for breakfast, but couldn't make it! Poor girl was so tired!

Pretty girl in her Easter dress!

She is SOO beautiful! I can't believe she is mine!

Daddy and his baby girl!

Kimberly starting her egg hunt at Grandmas house. She was so excited!

Finding eggs!

Being silly

Grandma gave her a backpack!!

Kimberly and Great Grandma Dyches

Kimberly and Daddy playing the old Nintendo

Kimberly put the clear part of her big egg on her face and was walking around breathing in it like it was an oxygen mask! She is so funny!

She played in the wagon with the eggs for awhile! Putting them together, she is so smart.

Kimberly and Paizlee playing with the eggs!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~18 Months Old~

~18 Month Check up~

I can't believe my baby is 18 months old today!!! It's crazy how fast time is going by.
We had her check up today.
Here are her stats:

20 lbs 10 oz - 6%
31.25 in tall- 38%
18.7 in head- 77%

She is a tall skinny girl!! She actually hasn't changed much from her 15 month appointment. The doctor said she looked good and besides coming in, in about 8 weeks just to check her weight we don't have to go in again until she is 2 years old.
I talked to the doctor about something Kimberly has decided to do in the last three months. She holds her breath when she gets hurt (even if it doesn't hurt) and ends up kind of passing out!!! (oh joy!!!) it scared me the first time she did it but she came right out of it. She did it three more time before we went to the doctor. The doctor said it is some what normal and its called "Breath holding spells" or BHS. This is when they don't get all the oxygen they need to there brain, so they pass out, their lips may turn blue/purple, and may have seizure little twitches! He also said that she should get over it by age 2-3. I just have to warn people before I leave her with them so they know what to do if she does it.*Lay her down and put her legs up* She should come right out of it, and after 5-10 min. be right back to normal.

When Kimberly has done it: (this is more for my record)

01. In Feb 2011 we were at the clinic for her to be tested for RSV and we were waiting for her to go back. She wanted to push the stroller around (which was fine) she ended up pushing it into the bathroom and I was trying to get her to come out of the bathroom so I could turn the stroller around for her to push it some more. She started throwing a temper tantrum and pushing to try and get out of my arms. Then after only a min or two she all the sudden stopped crying and went limp! I started freaking out thinking she was having a seizure and ran out to find some one. (she was just laying on my shoulder with her eyes open) when I found someone I asked them where I could find some one to help me and they wanted to look at her. They said she looked fine and by this time she was acting normal. So I headed back to the waiting room where I had just wigged out. (very embarrasing for me) The other moms asked if she was ok and what was wrong. Of course I didn't know but I just said "temper tantrum I guess".

02. Mid Feb 2011 We were at Janica's house and the kids ran back to Janica's room to play. All of the sudden I heard a thud and Kimberly started crying so I ran back to see what had happened. Gerry was carrying her out to me and she was crying but no sound was coming out. So I picked her up and she went limp again and her eyes were opening and closing. But then after a couple seconds she was just sitting there. I just kept talking to her and telling her she was fine. I didn't freak out like the first time. Then she jumped up and went to play again.

03. March 2011 We were at dinner with Patti and Trip. Jeremy was playing with Kimberly and she bumped her head on the table. She started to cry and then went limp. Patti and I told Jeremy to get her out. (It scared Patti, Trip, and Jeremy because they hadn't seen it before) I took her and after a couple seconds she was fine and was eating dinner.

04. April 2011 Kimberly and I were at Sears and I let her get down to walk. The salesman was helping us find something and when he walked away to check on a price he didn't see her and tripped and knocked her down. She did kind of bump her head but it wasn't that bad. I picked her up and kept telling her she was ok and blew in her face (supposed to help them take a breath) and she did take a breath but then was just laying on my shoulder crying. I think I saved this one from happening.

Hopefully this isn't to bad and she grows out of it soon. Dang Temper Tantrums!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

~3rd Anniversary~

*Three new posts*

I can't believe it has been 3 years sense Jeremy and I said "I do". It doesn't seem like it has been that long. Jeremy is my best friend. I love him more today than the day I married him. I hope things just keep getting better!!! Love you babe!
*Here is to many many more years together*


Can you tell she loves pancakes!!! It's so funny how she eats things she loves. Its like if she doesn't eat it fast enough it is going to get up and run away!!!! Silly girl!


~Fun Times~

Kimberly trying on Daddies shoes!

Going to the park with Danielle, Kaydence, and Dominick.
*The girls LOVED the wagon*

Climbing threw the tunnel

Thinking about going down the slide!! Nope not this time! ha ha

Cute Kay Kay

Eating Ice Cream at Leatherby's!

She loves the sauces! (Wish she would eat the fries and hot dogs that go with it!)

These two are best friends. Kimberly wouldn't hold anyone elses hand but Anela's. So cute!

Friday, April 8, 2011

~Mommies little helper~

*Two new posts*
Kimberly and I decided to make home made Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!!! Kimberly likes helping mommy in the kitchen. I think they turned out pretty good.

*I think it is cool the way the sugar looks in this picture*

*Kimberly wasn't sure about the mixer*

*Stirring the flour and cinnamon*

*Tasting the dough*

*She loved it*

*Need the chocolate*


*Sneaking a chocolate chip*

*She did pretty good at putting it on the pan*

Last night we colored for a little while!

I have so much fun playing with Kimberly! I love her so much! She is my little partner!


Kimberly Loved pushing Kaydence around on her toy the other day. I think Kaydence enjoyed it also!
Who could ask for better friends!!! The video is Anela and Kimberly at the mall. We got their pictures taken (hence the matching outfits). While we were waiting we let them ride one of the rides!
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