Monday, June 28, 2010

~Fillmore ATV Jamboree- Day 1~

This is the second time we have been to this atv Jamboree. The group that went was Maga, Papa, Greg, Keesha, Thomas, Jarryn, Emma, Ethan, Lexi, Jeremy, Kimberly and I. Each day we took turns staying back with the babies while others went on rides.
The first day at the Jamboree. Jeremy, Greg, Keesha, Thomas and I went on a ride. It was a pretty good ride, we had a little boy that it was his first time on a 4wheeler so he didn't keep up real well. We had to keep stopping to let him catch up. We got burnt and the guide said if we had been any longer than we were they would have sent a search party out. I saw a buck which was cool for me to see.
I didn't realize that I only got two pictures with my camera so I will have to get with Keesha to get some more from this day.
This is Keesha and Greg going threw the water.

~Day 2~

Today Keesha, Emma and I went on an All Ladies Ride and Maga & Papa went on a Flower Ride. I don't have any pictures of Maga and Papa's ride but Here are some from our ride.

View from the top

River right by where we had lunch
It was a fun day with Keesha and Emma. And I even drove myself through the river on the way back to camp. I am very impressed with myself. I'm still getting used to driving a 4 wheeler, but I feel like I'm getting better and more brave every time.

After we got back from our ride, Jeremy, Kimberly and I went on a drive to see the Topaz Relocation. (where they took the Japanese during WWII, our concentration camps) It was pretty interesting, except when we got there, there was only two building structures left and if you blinked you would miss them! We tried to go to the museum that was in Delta but it was closed. It was crazy to think we did this to the Jap's. I was dying of heat and thirst and I had a drink of water and a truck to get into. I feel so bad for what they had to go threw.

Always a happy girl!

Having fun with daddy!

~Day 3~

Today Jeremy, Keesha, Greg, Thomas, and Jarryn went on an all day ride. They said it was way fun and wish we would all have gone! I was the babysitter this day, but Jeremy said he will have to take me on this ride sometime soon. Kenzi and I stayed back with the babies, and Emma & Ethan. Maga, Papa, and Kylee went on a ride with some friends of my mom. I think Lexi had, had enough of the wind and heat, she didn't feel very good. And after my moms ride she wasn't feeling well either. It was a hot day but luckily we had some a/c in my dad's trailer to help with that. This is one of the lake they stopped at. So Pretty!

View from the top!

They got lucky because while they were at one of the lakes they were putting fish in the lake. So they got to watch how they do it.

Keesha and Greg

They also go to see three Elk! Way cool, I wish I was there!

Jeremy didn't get any pictures of himself on this trip!
My aunt Traci and uncle Blake came up to go on the Poker run. Traci stayed back with us. It was so nice visiting with her for a day.

~Day 4~

Today the boys went on a Poker Run. At every stop they get a card to try and get a good poker hand for the prizes at the end of the Jamboree. After we set up the pool for the kids to play in. Papa put Kimberly in the water and she LOVED it she was splashing around and didn't even care that it was cold. After the first time being in it I took off her clothes to dry her off after I went to get something out of the trailer I came back to ............
......a naked baby back in the water. I can't believe how much she loves water and being naked!

Papa censoring her being naked!

After Jeremy and I took Kimberly for her first 4 wheeler ride! She had fun but doesn't totally understand it!

We then went over to have a steak dinner and see if anyone won a prize from the poker run (Uncle Blake was the only one to win) we then headed back to the trailer. This was Kimberly when we got back.....

We had so much fun at the Jamboree. We can't wait to go again!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

~8 Months Old~

~8 Months Old~

Here are some fun picture we got done for daddy for Father's Day!

Kimberly is 8 months old today! I can't believe how big she is getting. She is learning so much and is getting more fun each day!

Here are some milestones and fun things:

01. Today she is celebrating her daddy!
02. She is a major thumb sucker. She always has her thumb in her month
03. She can pretty much sit up without help, but still falls over sometimes.
04. Has no interest in crawling
05. Loves her veggies! (Peas. Green beans, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, corn...)
06. She hasn't tried fruits yet!!
07. She laughs like woody the woodpecker sometimes
08. She can stand assisted and loves it
09. She got her first Helmet from Grandma Coon (for our camping trip this next week)
10. When she was in the bath the other night she was playing with her duck and I kept saying "duck, duck" and she started going "du, du".

"Happy Father's day to all you great dads!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~Pool fun~

Today we went swimming at Janica's new pool! I was way excited to take Kimberly because she enjoys the bath so much. Well she LOVED it just as much! She was splashing and kicking all over the place. She actually didn't like the swim ring very much because she couldn't splash in the water! These picture don't do justice on how much she enjoyed the water. I think I will have to buy a water proof camera to get better pictures.

Mommy and Kimberly

This picture is pretty good, She had that big smile the whole time she was in the water.

Janica's three babies: Anela, Ariana, and Gerry

Best friends floating together (Either one or the other would look at the camera so we didn't get a good picture of both)

Cuddled up after swimming!

We are defiantly going to have to go swimming more often!

Friday, June 4, 2010

~Lacey Roo~

Today was kind of a sad day. Patti (Jeremy's mom) had a dog named Lacey and she was 16 years old. She hasn't been doing great so Patti decided it was best to put her down. We love and miss you Lacey Lou (Roo!).
Lacey and Rover on gaurd

~Fun pictures~

Well it has been awhile sense I have written on here. We have been just living life, having fun with Kimberly. In the past few weeks we have been doing yard work. This summer we are trying to get our yard looking good. We have started by doing cement on the north side of our house, making us a second driveway. Next we are planning to cover the canal in our back yard so we can put a garden over it. I have been taking picture and will post them when we get further along.
Here are some cute picture of the last few weeks:

I put on Kimberly in her new swimsuits to try them on. They were so cute! Now we just wish the weather would stay nice to go swimming.

Kimberly is loving her toes these days!

Kimberly likes helping mommy make daddy's lunch! She likes to try them to make sure they are good for daddy! (To bad they are peanut butter so she can't really try them!)

Kimberly's cute hair!

I tried curlers today to see if her hair would go as curly as it used to. It did but a lot of the curlers fell out before they were dry so there was only a couple curly pieces. I forgot to take a picture of the after. But this one is cute enough to make up for it!!!

I babysat Nick this last week and I got some cute picture of the kids together.
They were all watching the cement workers at Grandma Coon's!

They both had converse so we put them on and took their picture! So cute!
Nick spilled his milk all over at Grandma Coon's house! (No crying over spilled milk)
It was a little hard this last week because I got a bad sinus infection + not used to waking up at 7 am to watch Nick = one tired mamma. Kimberly and Nick were really good though so it wasn't to bad having the two kids.

I also went to Sex in the city 2 with my friend Amy last weekend. It was a good movie and I enjoyed having a girls date!