Monday, September 27, 2010

~Laugh & Bath~

I took a couple videos of Kimberly tonight. The first one was her laughing at us screaming at each other!! I just thought it was so funny how it made her laugh so hard. She was laughing a little harder before I got the camera, but you get the idea. The second one is of what she likes to do in the bath tub. She ALWAYS gets the bathroom soaking wet!! She has also started shaking her head "yes", but she has to use her mouth to do it. You can kind of see it in the bath video. She is a funny girl, I hope you enjoy the videos! Caution it does have some high pitched screams! ha ha

Monday, September 20, 2010

~11 Months Old~

~Kimberly is 11 Months Old~

Wow I can't believe that in a month Kimberly is going to be one!!!! She is getting so fun and entertaining. I love being home with her and experiencing all her firsts. I just wish daddy got to be home more with us.

Milestones and new things:

01. She can and loves to stand up to the couch or anything not to high.
02. She has started using a sippy cup. Not sure if she totally understands it but like juices and water.
03. She loves Chicken (anyway) and french fries. We started giving her a lot more adult food and she is enjoying it. She doesn't like baby food as much these days.
04. She knows what stuff we say "no" to. She will either shake her head no when we say no to her or she will just look at what she shouldn't touch and shake her head, but not touch it.
05. Started saying "uh oh" its so cute!!
06. Still a major thumb sucker!!
07. Still doesn't have anymore teeth but I think the top ones are close.
08. She has started trying to stand alone. She will push off of me. It's fun to see her figuring out her balance.
09. She went to her first State Fair.
10. She loves following mommy and daddy around the house. But does get annoyed when we walk around to much. ( she gets tired, will sit down and whine until we come and get her)

I really hope I am remember all the new things. It really feels like I am missing some, she has been doing so much these days!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


This last weekend we went to the State Fair. It was so much fun and we enjoyed having a whole day with daddy without having to work on the yard. Kimberly really enjoyed the fair. I think she is a people watcher so she just sits in her stroller and watching everything that is going on. At the end of the night Kimberly played her favorite game, where you pick up a duck and see if you won anything. Well she won a stuffed animal that she picked from the wall herself. After she won it she was holding it and actually named it. "dubby du", She kept calling it that. I thought it was really cute that she named it. She has never said or called anything "dubby du". We also had a fun surprise, Cassie my good friend got stuck here in Salt Lake so she came to stay with us for the night and decided to join us at the fair. It was nice to hang out with her for a while, it has been along time. But we did miss her little boy KJ!!!! Hopefully next year he can go.

Kimberly loves standing up to the couch. She is getting so big, she will be walking before we know it!!! Kaydence (the little girl I baby sit) is watching Kimberly and I'm sure wishing she could get down and play.

.....and the sheep
("whatcha lookin at??")

....and the pigs

Our little farmer

They had this cute "little hands on the farm". I'm sure Kimberly didn't understand it but she seemed to like doing things around the farm.
Picking a apple.

Picking carrots

Riding the tracker!

Gathering the eggs

Looking at the fishing!

Her favorite game!

This is the toy she won! "dubby du"

Thursday, September 9, 2010

~Funny Girl~ Two new posts

This little girl is so much fun! Here are some fun pictures I have gotten of her.

She loved playing with the leaves on the grass while mommy and daddy were working in the yard.

Playing with the grass

And then of course she had to try the leave! She didn't like it, I wonder why!! ha ha

Climbing over daddy's legs. She loves climbing over things now!

We got Wendy's the other night for dinner and I was letting her eat some fries, well then she noticed daddy was eating something else and so she went over to him and he gave her some chicken nugget. As you can see she loved it and was climbing up daddy to get the other piece he had above his head.

Reading about the sprinklers!! ha ha she is helping daddy

Kimberly was turned away from us and Jeremy called her name. She turned round with these in her mouth!!! I guess that's how you take your toys with you when you are crawling around.

Look at that hair!!!

I love this little girl so much I hope you enjoy these picture as much as I do!!!! She brings me so much joy and I don't know what I would do without her!!!


Well we aren't done by any means but I decided to post some of the pictures and progress we are making. Right now we are digging and putting in sprinklers and then we will be putting in grass. So far we have removed fences, removed bushes, had trees removed, dug out and put cement pipes in the canal, brought in a ton of dirt to fill in the new garden area over the canal, dug up and tilled the backyard, racked out the ground to level it, had curbing put in, built a retaining wall, back filled the dirt to be level! It has been a TON of work but it will be nice to have a yard for Kimberly to play in. Jeremy has done most of the work and I am so proud of the job he has done. We have also had help from Patti, Trip, Jared, and of course Kimberly and Rover!!! I will have to put some pictures up next summer of the yard with grass and plants. But until then here is our progress!

Rover playing on top of the dirt pill
Kimberly being a great supervisor

Backyard Before we started

Backyard: New driveway

Backyard: After View oneBackyard: Before

Backyard: Trees being removed

Backyard: Removing tree stumps

Backyard: Putting cement pipes in canal

Backyard: Digging up old lawn

Backyard: Jeremy tilling

Front and Backyard: The curbing we had put in

Backyard: Retaining wall almost finished (new garden area)
Yes we have weeds we need to kill before we put in new grass!!!

The steps up to our new garden area
Rover likes the new garden area

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This last weekend we went camping with Jeremy's family in Fairview Cannon. We had a ton of fun and didn't like that the weekend went by so fast. It was a little cold and windy but it was supposed to rain on us and it didn't so we were glad about that. I forgot to take pictures every day that we were there so all these picture are of us right before we left but I did get Kimberly in her cute little camping clothes. Kimberly did pretty good. She had a little harder time with this trip now that she can crawl. She wanted to get down to crawl around but didn't like the feeling of the dirt. So she crawled around the trailer most of the time.

Here she is in the trailer!

Daddy and Kimberly

Our little family

She would sit in the dirt and even picked it up and played with it but didn't like the feeling of crawling on it.

Our camping babies!

I have started babysitting my friends little baby, Kaydence. She has been a pretty good baby! Here are the babies playing on the floor. Kimberly is ok with her, I think she kind of get jealous when I am holding her. But still gets excited when Kaydence gets here in the morning.

I turned on Dora the other day and Kimberly sat there for the longest time watching her. She doesn't watch much if any t.v. but I guess she like Dora.

Her first bruise!!! She keeps falling on her head when she gets to the hard wood floor from the carpet. Its like her hands stop but her legs don't!! I felt so bad when I saw the bruise. She also got a bruise on her cheek when we were camping. I think we definitely have a ruff neck. She only cries for a min and then stops.

Don't you love the Elvis lip!!! ha ha