Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~3 months old~

~Kimberly is 3 months old~
~milestones and fun things in the last month~

01. Started to giggle
02. Found and loves to suck on her thumb
03. Pretty good sleeper but still hasn't slept through the night
04. Loves story time
05. Celebrated her first Christmas and New Years
06. Is learning how to use her hands
07. Loves watching TV on the couch with mommy or daddy
08. Already tries to sit up when you grab her hands
09. Loves attention
10. Got blessed

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fun times at home

We haven't been up to much in the last few days. We have been having fun time at home. We play with old toys and new toys. Kimberly got sick a couple days ago with a cold. She was coughing pretty bad but other than that she seemed fine. We almost took her to the doctor but she was eating, sleeping and not getting a fever so we just watched her close, today has been the first day she hasn't coughed every minute of the day. I'm really glad because I didn't like seeing her uncomfortable like that. The first sickness she got! I'm glad we are on the down hill side of it.~cute little feet~

~being a big girl~

~nap time with mommy~

~story time with daddy~

~cute little thumb sucker~

Here are some fun videos of Kimberly........

~First little giggle~

~Playmate fun, she has been determined to get that monkey and she is finally figuring it out, she is getting so big and smart~

~Her favorite toy besides her playmate. Even if she is crying for having to get into the car seat as soon as you pull the bug and it starts to sing she lights up with excitement~

Sunday, January 10, 2010

~100th post and its a pretty big one!!!!!~

Kimberly's blessing
Yesterday Kimberly got blessed. It was a great day and Kimberly was a very very good baby! We just did it at our house, which was nice and we had a lot of family join us for her special day. We did the blessing around 2 pm, then had a luncheon after words. Some family stayed, some left but it was nice to see everyone and visit with family that we haven't seen in awhile.
The family that joined us was three sets of my grandparents (Grammi&Poppy, Grandma&Grandpa Bingham, and Grandma&Grandpa Pearmain), Maga and Papa (my mom and dad) , all my sisters (Keesha, Kylee, and Kenzi), Grandma Coon (Patti), Kimberly's cousin (Emma), My aunt Jodi, uncle Mike, and Cousin Mikey, My uncle Brian and his three girls (Emily, Shannon, and Rebecca), Jeremy's aunt Debbie, My friend Janica, The bishop of our ward (Bishop Elmer) and two relief society Lady's (Lisa Lott and Kim Goates). Thank you all for joining us!
My Grandpa Bingham did the service along with My uncles Brian and Mike and my cousin Mikey. It was so special for her to get a blessing from my grandpa it meant the world to me and I hope he knows that. I couldn't have asked a better person to do it for us.
If you can see Grandma Patti got her a little locket. I guess her aunt Natalie got one very similar when she was younger.

She wore my dress that I was blessed in, the blanket my mom made her, the locket Patti gave her, new shoes and new head band.
My Family!

My Grandpa Bingham

Daddy and Kimberly
Sweet baby girl

Grandma Patti
Four Generations
Yesterday she also found her thumb. It was pretty cute even though I might hate it later. It does the job of soothing her now which is a nice change to going in every few minutes to give her, her binkie back.
She loves looking at her baby dolls

And a couple days ago we tried out her Sassy Jumper. She isn't sure about it yet but I'm sure in a short time she will be jumping all over the place.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

~Pj's and horses~

Kimberly got the cutest pj's from Maga. They fit her perfect and the butt it the cutest part!! I can't get enough of this little girl!
We also took pictures of her on her first rocking horse, she wasn't sure about it but I'm sure she will like it when she gets a little bigger.
~wow daddy what are we doing!!!~
Now we just need a cowgirl hat for her and some boots!! :-)

We also hope everyone had a great new years!! We just hung out at home but it was a good night!