Thursday, April 29, 2010

~Fun with toys and friends~

I had a lot of videos of Kimberly so I tried this OneTrueMedia and made one video. The first is Jeremy making her laugh (its kind of an old video), she is then just playing in her saucer, then she is in the bath, which she loves! She is playing with her new ball toy. It's funny when she puts her nose to it and breaths heavy. In the next one she is a little wild girl in her saucer, she flings her body back and forth and gets in a rockin'. After when she is on the floor in her yellow pj's she had just rolled over from her back to her front and I was trying to capture it again but that was a no on getting it. But we did get my smart little girl figuring out how to use the blanket to get her toy closer. Then she is laughing with Anela. It was so much cuter right before I got the video camera out. They were giggling back and forth. I love little kids they are so much fun. Enjoy the video!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

~6 Months Old~

I can't believe that Kimberly is 6 Months Old It seems like I was just waiting for her to arrive! She has been so much fun, She is a very active baby that is for sure!
Here are some milestones and fun things in the last month:

01. She sticks out her tongue ALL the time!
02. She plays with her feet and tries to suck on them03. She loves being outside in the sun04. She has started getting stranger anxiety
05. She started cereal a few days ago and HATES it! But we are hoping she starts to enjoy it.06. She has started doing a kissy face at us. Or monkey lips as Jeremy calls it!07. She is still working on sitting up but getting better everyday
08. She doesn't like tummy time but is finally knowing to roll over to get off her tummy
09. She is such a independent little girl ALREADY
10. She has the cutest little smile ever!!!
11. Had her first hair cut today!




Cereal was a no go at our house!!! We started cereal this last Saturday and she doesn't want anything to do with it. Every now and then she will take a bite. She wont spit it out like she doesn't like the taste she will (1) Turn her face and start sucking her thumb (2) shake her head no or (3) Smack the spoon!!! She is a very independent little girl if I gave her the spoon she would eat off it but then when I would take it back to put more on it she would turn and start sucking the thumb! She would get it all over her face. We are going to keep at it and hopefully she will start enjoying it so we can start other foods. Here are some fun pictures of our adventure with cereal:

The First taste!
"What the crap is this"

"I don't think so!"

"You really think this is going to work!"

The second:
"Dad I want that, give it to me!"

"Never mind!"

"Don't even think about it!
I'm keeping my hand right here so you don't try to sneak any in!"

"Daddy you are so mean! I don't like it didn't you hear me"

The Third try:
"I can do it myself"


I love this little messy face!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

~2 Year Anniversary~

Wow, I can't believe it has been two years already. It doesn't seem like it. The last two years have been so great. I'm so glad I married my best friend. Jeremy is everything and more. He has been there and given me so much, including our precious daughter. I can't wait for many many more great years with you! I love you sweetie

Last night Jeremy took me out to Rodizio Grill. It was nice to go out just the two of us. Thanks Great Grandma and Grandpa for watching Kimberly for us.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~Bath time fun~

Bath time is so much fun!!! Kimberly loves taking a bath! Yesterday and today I bathed her in the sink in the kitchen and she absolutely loved it! And I love her little tongue it is always out these days. If she was older I would say if you leave that out a bird is going to poop on it!!! ha ha

Jeremy says she got her tongue sticking out from her Maga!!! ;-) My mom does that when she is thinking. I love seeing my family in Kimberly! I love being a mom!

Thanks Grandpa Coon (Jared) for the pj's!!! And don't you just love the fluffy hair, that's the outcome of blowing her hair dry!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~Outside Fun~

The weather was actually pretty nice this last weekend. So Jeremy worked some more on his bike and I believe he has it to the point he can go riding now. And we took Kimberly and Rover down to the park/School. I love when the weather is nice I wish it would stay sunny or at least warm!!!! Please sun god! Kimberly loves being outside. She wasn't sure about the swings and slides or even being on Jeremy's bike but she loved getting out of the house.

Going down all by herself!

Rover even enjoyed the playground!

Here is a video of her going down by herself. She wasn't so sure about it but didn't cry! Sorry it is sideways I couldn't figure out how to change it so turn your head to the right or tilt your computer screen to the left!!! ha ha

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

~Lesson Learned~

Two new posts:

So I have to put this on here because this is like my journal and its something I want to remember so I can learn from my mistakes!!!! Well yesterday (Monday) I went to help Janica pick up a chair and a half (Just smaller than a love seat) from her dads house. While we were lifting the chair into the truck I banged my hand on the side of the bed of the truck. I looked at my hand but there was only a little scratch and didn't think anything else of it. During the ride home we had to stop and check the chair and ended up switching its position of it. After that Janica brought me home and I took Kimberly inside, changed her diaper, feed her, and ordered Cafe Rio to take over to Janica's. Kimberly and I headed for Cafe Rio and picked up the food. (A little side note: it was snowing like hell!) After I got back into the car out of habit I always play with my ring, I'm not sure if it is to check my diamonds or just a nervous habit but any ways my diamond was GONE!!!! I started freaking out and didn't know where I could have lost it. So I went to Janica's and we looked in the back of the truck, but because the snow was so bad I couldn't see anything. I thought back on everything we had did that day and replayed it in my head over and over and over again trying to think of where I last knew I had it. Well there was no luck finding it in my house, car, Janicas house, car, she called her dad and asked him to look in his drive way, NOTHING!!! I finally decided to take one more good look around and stop by Cafe Rio to see if by any chance it was there. Well to my big surprise it WAS! It had fallen out when I was paying for the food. The lady that found it just wrapped it up in a napkin and put it away. I didn't know what else to do but give her a big hug, I pretty much owe her my life at this point! I believe I bent the prong when I was loading the chair and then knocked it loose when I was at Cafe Rio. I have learned that I need to not wear it ever where, just on special occasions and make sure you INSURE your expensive jewelry, it could happen to anyone!


Easter was a fun day at our little house. We woke up and Kimberly and I were off to find the eggs the Easter bunny had hid for us! The Easter bunny did a really good job of hiding them!

Kimberly with her Easter basket!
She got new pj's, an Easter dress, sippy cup, a book, onsies, hair things, a new hat and a vibrating teething ring!

She has decided her tongue is a fun thing to play with so we get it a lot in our pictures these days!

~Teething strawberry~

~Her Easter dress and pictures with the eggs~
(It was way cold outside so she wore her dress like this just for the pictures after we put a long sleeved onsie under it and tights, It's supposed to be warm at Easter!)

~Cheesy smile~
We love this little girl so much!

~Our little family on Easter 2010~