Sunday, January 22, 2012

~Flying & Singing~

Kimberly wanted to try out the Wii Fit. I was surprised it registered her. Then while we were driving she was singing so I turned around to capture some of it. The first is what Jeremy sings to her all the time "oh lizabeth, wo wo wo" then I'm sure you know the next two. I need to record a better video but here is what I have so far.

~Outside fun~

 Last week I decided to bundle Kimberly up and let her play outside for a little bit. She was in HEAVEN!!! It has been a cold/hazy winter and we haven't gotten much snow, so we haven't gone outside to play. I think I will have to take her out more often. I just wish there was some snow to play in or build with. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

~Celebrating Christmas~

 ~Making Holiday treats~
Grandpa Jared came over to keep Kimberly entertained while Jeremy and I made Christmas treats. We made: Toffee, Fudge (butterscotch), cookies, and a chex mix (which our family calls "Christmas Crack" because it is so addicting) Go HERE to get the recipe. (I use corn chex but the recipe calls for rice) While Grandpa was there he built the easel he got for Kimberly for her birthday. Kimberly loves to build and was happy to help! She actually stayed out of the kitchen most of the time. I was a little impressed! Thanks Grandpa for coming over to play.

~Taking treats to the neighbors~

 ~Grandma Patti's Christmas party~

After taking the neighbors their treats we headed over to Grandma Patti's for her Christmas party. We were so excited that Aunt Natalie was able to come in from Austin to celebrate the holidays. Patti made us some homemade lasagna for dinner and it was SOOO good! We then opened our gifts from her........
Aunt Natalie gave Kimberly a Dora guitar. She loves playing with it.

Grandma gave her a Dora blanket along with an Potty time Elmo, a Book, and some pj's.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Dyches came over to celebrate with us! We love spending time with them.

 Grandma and Kimberly. Kimberly wasn't so sure when aunt Natalie walked out in her Santa hat but then was OK to put it on herself.

~Christmas Eve~

Grandpa Jared and aunt Natalie came over to have Christmas eve dinner (Jeremy's favorite Prime Rib) and then we headed to Temple Square to see the Christmas lights. It was a little cold but I love seeing the lights.

 Mommy and Kimberly in front of our Christmas tree

 ~Christmas Day~

Christmas morning was really nice and relaxing. Kimberly didn't get up to early (for her) and was so excited when she saw Santa had left her some presents.

 Now this is how you empty your stocking!

 Her favorite thing: Mini Candy Canes! (Silly girl)
 Santa brought her blocks and she loved them. She sat there for so long playing with them. (Good job Santa!)

 Rover liked his new toy also from Santa.
 Kimberly got a new potty seat and she kept saying it was a hat. I guess we need to work on what its used for. :)
 Daddy and mommy got Kimberly a new swing set. Because we couldn't build it yet we printed out a picture to give her. She looked at it and immediately took it over to her easel and started to draw on it. I guess it needed some changes!! I think she will love it this summer. (Even though while printing out the picture Jeremy read the fasted time it was put up was like 9 hours. We are hoping the grandpa's come to help this Spring!)

 Our little family on Christmas Day! I love these two so much and can't wait to add a new addition this next year!
Mommy got: A new sewing machine, two of my blog books (so excited about these) and a new laptop.
Daddy got: an xbox and from work he won 1st and 2nd prize so he received a 46" TV and another xbox. (Yeah other guys at work were not happy but we are) :) 
These were our bigger gifts we also received many other gifts from others. Thank you everyone, we were really spoiled this year.
 ~St. George~

The next morning we headed down to St. George for Maga and Papa's Christmas. We had quite the ride down. First right before we hit Fillmore the muffler started making noise so Jeremy pulled over and found that the muffler was on its way to falling completely off. Luckily you can drive without it, your car just sounds different. I will admit it made me laugh like a girl back in high school. I don't know why it made me laugh so hard but I did every time we drove around. Then we stopped in Beaver so I could use the restroom and get something to eat. Well EVERYONE stopped at Beaver so the places were packed. If I wasn't pregnant I would have said to just continue but I needed something to eat. After waiting 30 mins to get our food (from McDonald's) and using a bathroom that had no soap or towels we got back on the road. Right after we got on the free way Kimberly decided to gag on her food and throw up all over herself. I was just going to turn around to clean it up but it was to much. We pulled over and on the side of the free way I had to clean it up. I striped Kimberly down to a diaper and wash the seat as best as I could. Luckily I got a cheese burger down before this all happened because I was feeling a little sick after wards. So that stop in Beaver was pretty pointless!!!
 We spend the first evening at Grammi's and Poppy's having a great dinner (prime rib again!) and then got a gift from them. We then headed back to Maga and Papa's to open presents there. Kimberly was SOOO excited to get her Dora Kitchen from Maga and Papa! And daddy was so excited to get his juice maker!!!

 Lexi and Emma also got a kitchen from Maga and papa! These two girls were in heaven that whole night.
 We then played games and just hung out the rest of the trip. 
The girls playing our new game 'Minute to win it'
 Kimberly and Lexi said it was their turn after. These two are so cute!!!
This post is a little late but it's better than never!! :)