Saturday, June 30, 2012

~Monthly Memories~



01. When we went to St. George I was planning on her staying with Maga and Papa and she didn't want to, she wanted to stay at the hotel with mommy and daddy.
02. Had her first swim lessons. Did ok the first day but didn't like it the rest of the time. (Maybe next year she will like it better)
03. Favorite word "why" she says it ALL the time. Kind of drives me nuts!
04. I have starting seeing more of the jealousy stage from having Ali.
05. Hasn't been sleeping threw the night very well. We think she has learned from Ali that if she cries we come running. We have caught on so we don't always respond when she cries.
06. She is afraid of loud noises. Lawn mower, mixer, 4wheeler, etc.
07. Potty trained!!!!!!!!! (pretty much only took one week!) Her butt is so small she doesn't fit in 2t underwear!!
08. Favorite shows Dora, Mickey, Little Einstiens, and Team Umizoomi.
09. Loves playing with all the big kids. Nice for mommy and daddy when we are at places and she is content with playing with friends. She calls every kid her 'friend' even if she doesn't know them.
10. Can pretty much get herself dressed. (The clothes are usually backwards but she can get them on) She can also put her shoes on all by herself. (but not the tied ones will work on those this winter)

::Kimberly funnies::

While we were leaving the West Fest Kimberly heard a dog bark Kim: "daddy, you hear that?" Daddy: "no!" 'dog bark' Kim: "you hear that?" Dad: "no!" Kim: "daddy, do you hear anything!?" ha ha


01. Met her Aunt Natalie
02. Still a mama's girl
03. Finally got her birth announcements out
04. Had her first trip down to St. George
05. First trip to the Zoo
06. Smiles most the time. (we love her little smile) She kind of laughed it was so cute
07. Painted her toes for the first time

::Mommy & Daddy::

01. Daddy's car is having problems again!!! Grrrr... (Kind of think its time to sell it but Jeremy loves his cars!)
02. Mommy had her 10 year class reunion. (man I feel old)
03. Our garden is doing good, We already see signs of veggies and fruits!
04. Went up to Evanston to get fireworks (Jeremy's Favorite time of year) All of his buddies at work gave him coupons.
05. Mommy has been potty training Kimberly. It has been a little bit of a struggle with Ali but Kimberly has done very well with it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

~Aunt Natalie~ 2 new posts

 Aunt Natalie is here this week for a visit, we are so excited she is here. She gave the girls these cute outfits. They look so cute on the girls! Thanks Aunt Nat.

 Aunt Natalie, Grandma, Kimberly, and Ali at Great grandma's for a BBQ!
Aunt Natalie and her girls! 
 I love this outfit so much!! She might be wearing it A LOT this next month!! ha ha

 Ali and I went over to grandma's before the BBQ to help make salads. While we were there Ali got some quality time with aunt Natalie! I think she likes her!

~2 Months Old~

 ~2 Months Old~

I can't believe our sweet baby Ali is 2 months old already. I wanted to take some picture of her new outfit aunt Natalie bought her and I ended up getting some really good pictures. She looks like such a big girl.
Here are some things she is doing these days:

- Still loves to be held most of the time, but is starting to not want to be bundled up all the time.
-She loves someone in her face, she will look at them and most of the time give a big smile.
-She eats about every 3 hours. But like to snack every once and a while.
- Is still a binkie baby.
-wakes up twice a night to feed
-Loves to be outside in the warm weather. I will put her in her stroller while I work in the yard.
-Is trying really hard to make sounds. She uses her whole body to make them sometimes.
-Is really liking her bouncer. She kicks her legs and gets in bouncy pretty good (she will stare are the toys that are swinging crazy from her kicking)
-Sometimes like the blanket over her face or right by it when she sleeps (makes me nervous!)
- Haven't really noticed any of her hair falling out, but she is starting to get a bald spot on the back from her rubbing it off, and the hair on top of her head is growing.
-Her two month appointment is in 3 days, I can't wait to see how big she has grown. She is definitely bigger to me.
-Took her first trip down to St. George. (she did great on the drive down and back)
-Started getting real tears when she cries, breaks my heart!
- Hates tummy time
-Went to the Utah Hogle Zoo for the first time
-Met her Aunt Natalie and Great Grandma and Grandpa Coon for the first time
- Went out of the state for the first time to Evanston, WY to get Fireworks for the 4th!! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

~Potty Training~

 This last Monday we started potty training Kimberly. It has gone so well!! I am so proud of how she is doing. I wanted to post this so I can remember when we train Ali in a few years!

Monday: We sat in the bathroom a LOT! Read story's, practiced our alphabet and numbers, sang songs, etc. She didn't go much in the potty but did good at practicing. 
Tuesday: She did pee in her diaper in the morning but around 10 I took it off and we started the training again. I would take her in every half hour or so. She would feel it and run to the potty often. I let her run around naked this day and I think it worked out very well. She didn't have to remember to take anything off, she was able to just sit down on the potty and go. I set up the bathroom so she had her seat on the big potty with a stool, her small pink potty, books, and letters set up, So we were ready whenever. She did have a pee accident when she sat down to eat dinner and she pooped in the tub!! 
Wednesday: Tuesday night I put her in underwear (I didn't want to put diapers back on at all or pull ups. I know a lot of people like them but I feel like they are just like a diaper so I am choosing not to use them) She woke up Wednesday morning dry (It was at 5:45 I took her to the bathroom she went and then went back to bed, then woke up at 9:30 dry again and went in the bathroom). She finished her first sticker potty chart so we went to the dollar store for her to pick out a prize. She chose a bat and ball. Janica and her kids were there also so we decided to run to the park so they could play with there new bats and balls. After we hung out at the park for an hour we went to the library to get some new books for her. I took her to the bathroom at the library and she went in the potty. I was so proud that she didn't have an accident while we were out. This night she had two pee accidents one while watching TV. I don't think she even knew she went. Then while playing in her playroom she started going. She tried to run to the bathroom but ended up slipping on the tile. 
Thursday: She woke up dry again and I took her to the potty right away and she went in the potty. She had filled another potty chart by this time and Danielle text and asked if we would like to join them at the Zoo so I figured that could be her next prize. We had a great time at the Zoo. Kimberly went potty three times at the Zoo. One time by telling me she had to go and then two when Danielle and I went. So far she has had two pee accidents sense we have been home but I think it is because she drank a TON after getting home from the Zoo and had to go a LOT. 
I hope things stay on this path and she is accident free soon. She is getting so big!!

 She was also training Elmo how to use the big potty on Monday. I read it in a book so we tried it for the first day. She enjoys taking Elmo and showing him.

 Sweet baby Ali
 Ali loves the snuggy!
 I was so excited the bear exhibit was open. We saw the new arrivals. 
Seals, Sea lions, Polar bear and brown bears!!

 Dominick, Kimberly and Kaydence by the seals

 The polar bear loves kids so it would swim down and come up right by the window surprising the kids. It was so cute.

 Ali's first trip to the zoo.

 Kimberly eating Ice Cream

 They liked the carousel!

 After we got home the girls were being so cute. (Like always)
Love these two girls so much..

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

~Jeremy Ryan~

 This last weekend we celebrated our daddy! Jeremy has been the best dad I could ask for, for my girls. On Saturday night we roasted marshmallows on the BBQ. They were pretty good but over the campfire is better. I love having these family moments/memories!

 For Fathers day we had a pretty lazy day. Did some jobs around the house and enjoyed each other. For breakfast we made daddy pancakes and bacon. Then we gave him his card Kimberly and I made.
 I took a couple pictures and the best one happened to be this bright one! Dang it!

 We also made foot prints! I can't believe how big Kimberly's feet are getting! Ali's are so small! I really like these because it looks like walking in the sand.
Later that night we bundled Ali up on the couch and Kimberly said she wanted to be bundled up also! I love my two cuddle bugs!
 I also want to say Happy Fathers day to our two wonderful dads: Papa(Troy) and Grandpa (Jared). They are the best dads/grandpa's we could have asked for. We love you so much!

Friday, June 15, 2012

~Busy weekend~

 Life around here has been pretty busy. We have had swim lessons, trying to get on top of the house again (sense having Ali), and a trip to St. George for my 10 year class reunion. 

Kimberly and Ali sleeping with there left hand by their faces! My sweet girls!
 Kimberly coloring (I love when she wants to be artistic by herself)
 She dumped out all her crayons and then laid on them! Isn't that what you do with your crayons!?!!

 Swim lessons day 2: It didn't go as well as day one! She was nervous about getting in and then after the teacher put her face in the water..............

 Her face went to this...........
 And then this for the rest of the class! I asked her after the class what was wrong and she said "I scared of the water" Silly girl, I guess we need to spend more time at the pool.
 She would do ok when the teacher would take her to do things but then would start crying after she would put her back on the step. (It didn't help that it was really cold this day!) She ended up missing two of her lessons, one because we were in St. George and second because she ended up with a cold and I didn't want to take her with a fever. The last two classes went just about the same as the second one. She cried so I went and sat down beside her and talked to her about all the things they were doing. She ended up calming down at the third class and I thought she enjoyed the last half of her class (This class Great Grandma and Grandpa Dyches came to watch) Then her last class was tonight and she started crying at the house before I even put her swim suit on! We went to the class but she cried worse than any other day! I guess we will have to try swim lessons again next year and I hope she enjoys it more.
 On the way down to St. George we stopped at Great Grandma and Grandpa Coons house to say hi and visit for a little while. We didn't get to stay long (because it took us longer to get down there than we thought!) but it was very nice to visit and we had to get pictures with them. :) I wish we lived closer so we could visit more often, it never feels like we get enough time to visit.

 We even got a good smile from Ali at grandma's house!
 I love that smile!
 Like I said before we took longer to get down there because Jeremy wanted to take a little detour threw Richfield and Marysvale to see where we are going to go after the 4th of July. It was a nice drive but I wasn't prepared for how long it took us that I was a little upset. I guess when I get in my head that I'm going to my parents house I want to be there yesterday! The first night we had a BBQ at my parents house for Kenzi's 18th birthday. I LOVE hanging out with the family. I wish we had more of them. I love these pictures of Grammi and Kimberly talking, cuddling, and hugging! Grammi has been having a little bit of a hard time so anytime we get to spend with her is cherished (any time with any grandparent is cherished!)
 I wish this one wasn't blurry
 Kimberly and Lexi giving each other a hug. I hate that I didn't catch the real hug this one was after the cute hug and Kimberly looks like she is strangling Lexi! Kimberly loved playing in the back yard with the big kids. It's crazy how big she is getting!
 The second day I went shopping with all the girls to find outfits for our family pictures and an outfit for my 10 yr reunion. It took us longer than we thought but we found some pretty cute outfits. That night Jeremy and I headed to my reunion. It was nice to see everyone and visit in person (not just on Facebook). After the reunion Jeremy and I didn't know what to do. We didn't have the girls (They were with Maga and Papa) We ended up at Fiesta Family Fun Center. It has been so long sense I have been there. We decided to hit some balls at the driving range. It was fun but I definitely need some work on my swing. It was so nice to have a date night with Jeremy. After we went to Applebee's and shared an appetizer before going to get the girls. I was pretty surprised though that we planned on Kimberly staying at Maga and Papa's but she didn't want to she said she wanted to go to the hotel with mommy and daddy. Maybe next time.

 The last day we had our family pictures which I think turned out pretty cute. And then headed back home. Kimberly started a fever right before the pictures and ended up getting a cold. It wasn't a fun ride home for her but she was still pretty good. Both our girls did  good on the drive down and home. We are pretty lucky.

 Here are a few pictures on our little Ali. 
She is starting to smile at her toys, she likes her monkeys!
 She HATES tummy time just like her big sister.
 She goes from this cute smile to..........
 this very fast and often. I like the smiles better.
 This was her today after we got home from swim lessons. She likes to hide her face in the blankets. It makes me nervous but I find her like this very often.