Thursday, April 30, 2009

Birthday and Adoption

Jarryn's adoption
Keesh and me last year

Today is my older sister Keesha's 28th birthday and yesterday Greg officially adopted Jarryn! It was a big week in the Brook's household. I just wanted to wish my sister the happiest birthday, and I'm sorry you have to work. I guess the older you get, birthday's don't mean the same. I love you and am so glad I'm down here to see you for your birthday. I am so glad everything went relitivly well with the adoption. They did have a little fight from Sean (Jarryn's ex dad!) but after a little bit he signed over his rights and Greg is now the proud papa. We love you Greg and am glad you came into Keesha's life.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I figured I better update.........things have been going A LOT better. I have finally started feeling better. I still feel a little nausea but I haven't been throwing up!! I was going to write a little something for Jeremy's and my first anniversary but never got around to it. We had a pretty good anniversary. I was still feeling a little sick that day so we just hung out home, played monopoly, went to dinner, and then took a drive. I just can't believe a year has already gone by. It seems like it was just yesterday that we got married. I would have to say I wouldn't change a thing, Jeremy has and always will be my best friend. He would do anything for me and going through this pregnancy with him by my side has been great. (even though I leave town a lot, he is still right there for me) He has been my rock and I just want to thank him for everything he does. He has been working his butt off for our family!!!! I hope he knows how much I appreciate him and everything he does! I love you babe! :-) And I can't wait for 100 more years with you.
This week I am back down in St. George. My family has been so great to keep me busy and make it so I don't think about being sick. It has been so nice having this time with them. I haven't been able to just hang out with each family member like this in a long time. I'm getting to know them all over again. Ever sense I got pregnant it has really made me realize how great my family is and that I wouldn't be who I am today without them. Thanks to all of you that have been there for me! wow this was a little more of an emotion post sorry I guess I'm having a sentimental night.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Hospital at home!

Ok so in the last week it has been "hell" (yes I said it don't hate me!) Last Thursday night I got really sick while babysitting and thought it was just a bad day, but I was WAY wrong I ended up being sick all weekend throwing up none stop, violently and so forth. Saturday I was an emotion wreck I cried into Jeremy arm more than once. I just wanted it to stop and go away. Well Monday morning Patti got home from being out of town and had found out how sick I had been, Jeremy had been really worried, My mom said to watch myself close to see if I got any better. Well nothing still throwing up none stop, nothing staying down! So I called the doctor on Monday and she explained the next step! I.V. fluids!!!! So I head to the home care center to start my I.V. Yes I said HOME care center. My nurse tells me I will get an I.V. and be on it at home for two or three weeks!!! Have I ever mentioned how much I hate needles! Yep I do! Anyways at the center I weighed myself to find out I had lost 7 more lbs in that week (Not sure that's very healthy) After hooking me up and showing me how to get myself started and put my vitamins and nausea medicine in the bag, we headed home. I was starting to feel ok but still not great. The next day I still felt like s*** but I had hope it just needed time. My Grammi J called me that second day and I decided to come out to her house to hang out with and not be alone at home! Third day still bad, fourth day still bad but getting better (emotion day, cried whenever I talked to Jeremy) Went back into the center to change my I.V. line (it has to be changed every three days!) They changed from my left arm to my right. I got sweaty and dizzy from it! They brought in another nurse to fix it hoping to not have to poke me again (thank you!) finally got it to feel ok. Came back to Grammi's house finally starting to feel better. Ate Chicken, salad, and Watermelon (mmmmmm) kept it all down. 24 hours of not throwing up! Thank you lord! :-) Woke up this morning feeling pretty good. In all they think I caught a bug and that is why I got so sick. But man I told Jeremy yesterday yes I will eventually try for a second child but if its anything like this one we are done and Baby #1 is going to maga's and papa's for the pregnancy!!! hahaha he just laughed. I'm sure I've missed somethings but with starting to feel better maybe I'm choosing to forget things! Thank you for every ones support it has really helped get me through this in one piece! Love you all. I was going to put pictures of my hospital at home but I don't have my camera here! Sorry maybe when I get home and if I still have it in.

Friday, April 10, 2009

You had me at bu bump!

Tuesday we went for our second doctors appointment. It was short and sweet! I got to pee in a cup (which we all love to do) and then Jeremy and I waited in the room for a bit. The doctor came in had me lie down and put the heart finder machine to my belly and there it was, the best sound you can hear pregnant! Jeremy made the comment "we waited an hour for that!" I don't think he believed me when I said after the first visit your in and out. So he has decided he will probably just hang out home next visit. He actually also said he wants to go get a heart machine and charge people $10 to hear there babies heart beat if it is that easy. Men!!! :-) Thats ok it will give my mom or patti and opportunity to go if they want. Anyways I have been starting to feel better, not throwing everything up. Today wasn't a good day but its better than it was so that always nice.

Tuesday we also had a bus tour of realtors come to our house to give us feedback. It want really well, we were not home but the realtor said everyone loved the house and sale it WILL sale (when is the real question!?!) we just need to do alittle work on the outside to get people into the house. So hopefully the weather is good and we can do some outside work!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baby steps..... I know I haven't updated in acouple weeks (sorry Nat!) but I guess I don't feel like much is going on. I'm still pretty sick, some days are better than others but throwing up is still almost a daily activity! Next week is our next doctors appointment and I am pretty excited because we should be able to hear the heart beat for the first time. We've seen it but haven't heard it. I started baby sitting for Janica (kids Ariana, Gerry, and Anela) and Randi (Nick), different hours and days of the week but it will allow me to help Jeremy out with the bills and having extra money (so when I find out if baby is a boy or girl I can start spending money) :-) I guess I can tell you that I do think baby is starting to poke out, I have always had a bit of a tummy so most other people probably can't tell but I can tell when I look down or in the mirror. I can't wait to start feeling the baby!

With the house we haven't had much luck on people being interested which sucks because Jeremy has put so much work into in the last little bit but like my family has always said "if it is ment to be it will happen".