Monday, May 30, 2011

~Monthly Memories~


 *Kimberly on the airplane going to St. George, She loves her Dora*

01. Kimberly said "Trouble", "Mess", "whadido" (what did you do). I don't know if I am remembering to put all the new things she can say!
02. She has finally figured out the sit and spin. She went around and around like 10 times in a row!
03. Kimberly and mommy went to St. George for almost a week.
04. She got to sat in her first hot tub. (Maga and papa just got one at there house!! So nice)
05. She has 14 teeth now!!!
06. She LOVES working in the yard with us.
07. She will go up the stairs and down the slide all by herself!!
08.I think Kimberly is sounding so much clearer in her talking and she is trying to put words together to make sentences.
09. She doesn't really like soda or lemonades. But is finally starting to like milk.
10. She can pretty much go up and down the stairs by herself. We still walk behind her just in case.
11 .I just heard Kimberly say to Kaydence "mon" ("Come on") It was so cute.
12. When Kimberly is going stinky she will wave her hand in front of her face and say "niky, wooo"
13. She loved watching the fish at the garden center.

14. She's still a little nervous but she likes the swings at the park.
15. She knows: Nose, Mouth, Ear, Eye, Chin, Forehead, Cheeks (she will pinch hers or your cheeks when you ask where they are, So cute), Hair, Head, Hands, Feet, Neck and Belly.
16. She also knows the sounds for: Monkey, Lion, Bear, Tiger, Cat, Dog, Horse, Elephant, Cow, and she knows that a Giraffe has a long neck (She will touch her neck when when you ask what a giraffe has)
::Mommy and Daddy::
01. We have finished the brick wall in the back yard, finished filling in dirt in garden, built up planters with dirt, planted our garden and planters. (we hope it is not to late on the garden)
02. Mommy lost her wedding ring!!! :( I really hope I find it.
03. Mommy went to St. George to help Keesha out (she had her tonsils and adenoids taken out)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

~I Can't believe......~

........I forgot about these pictures!!! I was about to erase my SD cards to make room for more pictures and decided to look threw them one more time. I'm so glad I did!!!!

These are from the Sat. before Easter. We went to an Easter egg hunt at a park. It was so much fun for Kimberly. She wasn't so sure of it at first when all the kids and parents went running but then she got into it. I love having a kid to enjoy these moments. I Love being a mommy!

 Waiting for the hunt to start!
 Yep! That's my daughter that took an egg off the grass before it started. Ha Ha

 Our daughter is a Pro Egg finder!!

 Look at her loot!
 We had to try out the medal slide on the way out of the park. She was in heaven!
 The next pictures are of us coloring Easter eggs. It was a lot of fun, but REALLY messy. Kimberly had a lot of fun. She liked putting them in the dye but then she would take them out and either taste them or throw them or both! We had a few broken eggs! ha ha Grandpa Coon (Jared) came over to help. So after Grandpa read her a bedtime story.

 Her hands were dark pink for a day or two!!

These ones are of us at Discovery Gateway. We decided to take all the kids when Ariana and Gerry were off track. I thought it was kind of fun, but more for Gerry and Ariana's age. We will have to take Kimberly back when she is a little older. (and maybe by then they will get new toys or do a little cleaning on the ones they have!!)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

~Warm weather please stay~

Today Kimberly and I went on a walk down to the park! She was in HEAVEN! I wish it would stay this temp for more than a day, I love the 70's!

 Kimberly has finally gotten brave and will walk up the stairs, sit down, and slide all by herself! She is getting so big!
 She was sitting on the car toy in this picture!!! She was in the back and all the sudden she pointed forward and said "tank you". I think she thinks I'm a taxi!!! I guess that is the story of my life for the next 16 years!!!!
 When we got home from the park I pulled out the sidewalk chalk and we colored for awhile! It was fun but a little messy. Oh well that is what baths are for!!!
*all these pictures are from my phone so they aren't great quality! I wish my phone had a better camera!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

~5 Generations~ Two new posts

Last Saturday we went to my Great Grandma's 90th birthday party. It was fun to go and see all of my family. It has been awhile sense I have seen some of them. My parents, Keesha, Jarryn, and Lexi came up for it. We made sure we got our 5 Generation picture! I'm so glad I got this picture it's not everyday that someone has 5 generations together at the same time.

My Great Grandma,
My Grandpa,
My dad,
Keesha and I,
Jarryn, Lexi, and Kimberly.

My mom and her grandbabies!

Kimberly and Lexi watching the video of my great grandma

Kimberly learning to kick the ball.

Daddy showed her how to drink out of the fountain. She thought that was great fun!!!!

After the party Keesha, Jarryn, and Lexi headed home to celebrate Keesha's 30th birthday with their daddy and other siblings! While my parents and us went to the Supercross. (Kimberly went to Grandma Patti's house) It was a cool show (this first for my parents and me). A little cold but we bundled up and got hot chocolate!
Today I walked into Kimberly's play room and found that she had made steps to get up on the bed. (what a smarty!)

So proud of herself!!!

~Park & Yard~

I found these pictures on my camera, I guess I forgot to post them so here they are. On Fridays I baby sit for Janica. We decided a few Fridays ago to come to our house and help Jeremy in the yard. The kids like being at our house. After working in the yard I took them to the park. Patti and Nick also joined us to the park and helped in the yard.

Nick and Anela at the park. Anela was calling the dinosaur mom and dad!! Nick was acting like a monkey!

Ariana, Nick and Gerry, Just hangin' around

Kimberly, Ariana, and Anela just playing around and being Cute!

I love these pictures!! It looks like they are hard at work! They were having fun playing and digging in the garden area. *Child labor* ha ha jk
It has been fun watching the kids. Kimberly enjoys having friends to play with. She loves the Afa's!