Tuesday, September 6, 2011

~Zoo~ 4 new posts

For Jeremy's birthday we went to the zoo with Patti, Nick, Great Grandma and Grandpa Dyches. It was the day before his birthday because the zoo stayed open later. It was a fun day and the kids loved seeing all the animals!
 Its hard to see but if you look close the gorilla is right next to the window!!!!

 Nick is getting so big!!!

~Fish Lake~

Our little family along with Maga, Papa, Keesha, Greg, Jarryn, and Lexi meet up at Fish lake for a couple nights. It was a VERY fun and relaxing trip. It rained on us so we didn't get to fish as much as we would have liked but we got to spend some time with the family. For some reason these pictures are backwards. The first few pictures are of the fish we caught and after papa cleaned it we put it down to see what the kids would do. Jarryn and Lexi LOVED the fish, Kimberly on the other hand didn't want to touch it. I think if we would have let Lexi take it home she would have! She wanted to carry it around! There was an interesting story about this one fish. While we were out we caught one fish on Kimberly's pole but decided to put it back in the water. After a little while it started raining so we headed into the marina. My dad left his poles in their boat, so the one pole had bait on it and was sitting right above the water. After we took naps and waited for the rain to pass, my dad walked back down  and the fish and game guy asked if that was his pole in the boat, He said yes why. He then said you know you can't leave your pole unattended in the water. My dad was like we didn't. The guys started laughing and said he was just joking but that my dad had caught a fish! (the one in the pictures).
 Kimberly LOVED the boat rides. This one was when we were trying to get back in from the rain and wind and she was just chillin'. The water was coming up over the front and splashing us, she didn't seem to care. After we got into the marina she said "do it again!" ha ha

 Every time we went out it seemed to be Lexi's nap time. So we built a little bed up under the front of the boat!
 This is Lexi's and Kimberly's first time on a boat!!!!

 This was the first night. We just walked down to the lake and went fishing for awhile. Yes we had to strap Lexi down to a chair! She is such a busy little girl! (I love my mom in the back ground!! ha ha)

 Our little cabins. They were old but just want we needed!
 Lexi loved holding Kimberly's hand. She would get so mad when Kimberly wouldn't want to hold her hand. Cute girls
We definitely have to do this trip again!

~County Fair~

 ::Sometime in August::
Jeremy, Jared, Kimberly and I went out to the Salt Lake County fair. I don't remember what day it was! ha ha I have been slacking when it comes to posting so I'm forgetting things. When we first got there we headed into the petting zoo. It was fun but Kimberly didn't really want to be a part of it. She liked seeing the animals from afar! She did finally pet the cow but I wasn't fast enough with the camera to capture the moment. Dang it! After we took Kimberly over and she rode her first horse. I didn't think she would get on it without a fight but she actually did really good and I think even enjoyed it for a few rounds then she got bored! All in all a good day!

 I just liked this picture. Kimberly was putting on her pants even though she already had a pair on! She is getting pretty good at putting her clothes on.

~St. George~

 I found these pictures of Kimberly helping her aunt 'neni' wash her car when we were in St. George! I think they are so cute. Kimberly loves to help!

She had a lot of fun until she slipped and fell on her bum, then she was done helping!!!