Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~Monthly Memories~


01. I can NOT believe how many words Kimberly says now. And the sentences she puts together! (There is so many I can't tell you all of them) One that I love is when we were in St. George we stayed in the same room so in the morning I would here her wrestling around but I wouldn't be ready to get up and all the sudden I would hear "Mommy, Wat up!" so I would open my eyes and she would say "hi" in the sweetest voice. (Make my heart melt).
02. We went to the Salt Lake County fair where Kimberly road her first horse! I didn't think she would like it but she got on and actually enjoyed it a few times around and then got bored!
03.This little girl is getting one BIG attitude!
04. She says "oops" instead of "uh oh". Its pretty cute!!
05. She went to Fish lake for the first time. And her pole caught the first fish!
06. I've decided to try the stairs without the gate on it all the time. I think she does pretty good on them but I'm still nervous she is going to fall!!
07. We took down the fence in the back yard and let Rover and Kimberly go play on their new grass! Its so nice! (Just a few spots that need some work)
08. She is in LOVE with Dora and Bubble Guppies! She wants to watch them all day long!
09. She loves to sing "ABC's" and "twinkle twinkle little star".
10. She is working on and getting better at counting, her colors, her ABC's, Animal sounds and body parts. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


 My mom wanted new pictures at her house of all of us kids. At Easter Kenzi started taking these really cool black and white pictures so while I have been down here I have been trying to get them printed out and set up. Here are the ones we have so far. We have to get one of Keesha, Kenzi, and I and do some others of some of the kids but I love them so I wanted to share them. Some are done with the sunlight some are artificial light.



~Hot Tub~

 I found these pictures on the cd I just made! We loved sitting in Maga and Papa's Hot tub! I loved having Danielle, Kaydence, and Dominick join us in St. George. It was such a fun trip.

Kimberly and Kaydence love each other! (Well most of the time! Ha Ha)

We gave Kaydence an fudgesicle and she got REALLY dirty so we put her in the sink to wash her off. She was in heaven! I love the second picture!

Monday, August 1, 2011

~Blanket~ 3 new posts

Sunday we had a lazy day at Maga and Papa's. While my mom was doing laundry I noticed Kimberly's blanket was really dirty so because it is her 'wobby' I had her take it to Maga and we put it in the washer together. She was ok with it but then when we went to leave the room she started saying "blanket, blanket" so we had her wave and tell the blanket we would be back.  I like that she has something that comforts her but she has been dragging it around A LOT this trip!

She was so excited when we took it out of the dryer
 This is how you find her most of the time! "blanket" and her thumb!
 After she curled up in papa's lap and fell asleep! She loves her papa!
 Later that evening Keesha, Greg, and the kids came over. Kimberly and Lexi found these and wanted to wear them!

Aunt 'neni' and Aunt 'ky,ky' playing ring around the rosy with the girls
 I don't know why these pictures are not in order! But while my mom was doing laundry I was downloading pictures onto and Kimberly came into the room with Kenzi's bikini on saying "oh, cute" I think she needs to grew a little more! ha ha silly girl. She had tried putting it on herself so my mom tied it the way she had it and then I put it on the right way.

~St. George~

Danielle, Dominick, Kaydence, Kimberly and I came down to St. George to enjoy the sun for a few days. We have had a busy weekend playing in the water. The first night we just played outside in my parents back yard. The next day we went over to the rec center and swam in the pool. Kenzi, Tanner, and my mom joined us. The third day we went over to aunt Traci's swimming pool. Carly, Cambrie, Kylee, Kenzi, Tanner, Jarryn, aunt Traci, and Lexi joined us. It was a fun day and we got a little sun. It was interesting having 4 babies under the age of 2 luckily we had quit a few adults to help with all of them. It was also Cambrie's first time in a swimming pool. She seemed to enjoy it. Danielle, Dominick and Kaydence headed home Saturday morning. Kimberly and I are still down here hanging out with family. I always seem to stay longer than I think!!! ha ha (Daddy even said he is used to it!) But we do miss daddy we will be heading home in a couple days. I'm hoping to go out to a tuachan show but we will have to see if we can get some tickets.
Kimberly and Kaydence swinging away!
Dominick and Kaydence playing in the sand

 Kimberly and Kaydence at the rec center!
 Mommy and Kimberly at the Rec center
 Maga got the kids push pops! They were in heaven.

 Mommy and Kimberly at Aunt Traci's pool!
 Dominick and Jarryn at aunt Traci's pool
 Baby Cambrie at Aunt Traci's (her grandma) pool
Aunt 'ky,ky'  and Kimberly
 Danielle and Kaydence
 Lexi lou
 All the babies LOVE 'nanner' (Tanner) And I love Lexi's new smile
 It was so much fun having these guys here! We have to do this more often

 Saturday was Jarryn's 8th birthday so that night we went to a place called anitgravity. Kimberly had a lot of fun running on the tramps. (until she ran into the wall but then she did get back on the tramp) It was a fun time but I think they should have had a section for 3 and under. Then we went to one of my favorite places for dinner. (Pasta Factory)

 Aunt 'neni' and Kimberly have the same hair do!

~Liberty Park~

While aunt Natalie was here we went out to Liberty park with Grandma Patti and Nick. It was a lot of fun but pretty hot! Nick LOVED the water, Kimberly was ok with the water! I thought I was kind of cold but I guess in the heat it felt good. We will have to go and play in the water some more!

They love hanging out together!

 Playing tag!