Thursday, November 27, 2008

A little disappointed.....

Well those of you who haven't heard we didn't end up getting the house. The owner doesn't want any less then the asking price!!!! Jeremy and I are kind of bummed but it will be nice not having to stress over the holidays. We are still doing the fix ups in our house so I will post some before and after pictures of what we are doing. I just thought I would write a quick update. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

update..and birthday!

The new house

The back yardThe upstairs floor plan

Well I figured I better get on here and update everyone on whats going on........Jeremy and I ended up putting a offer on that house if Farmington so we are working our butts off to get this house done so we can put it up for sale next Monday. Well I guess I mean fix up not done. This week we will be getting new counters, refinishing our back bedrooms wood floors, redue the bathroom upstairs, and putting new doors throughout the upstairs. Then I have to go through and stage the house, So hopefully we can sell it fast. Which if we do we are moving back into Mavis's (patti, jeremy's mom). Also this last week was my birthday. It was thursday the 20th! It was a pretty good birthday. I had to work at the hospital and it was kind of busy but my day started out with getting flowers from Jeremy and then I received flowers at work from my mom, dad, and little sisters. Then when I got home I got more flowers from my sister Keesha and her family. Janica and I went down to Provo to have dinner and go to Twilight with our friend Lauren. I would have to say it was a very good movie. I can't wait for the next one to come out. I was a lot of fun hanging out with Janica and Lauren! Unfortinaly I didn't get to see Jeremy the whole day but he talked to me a few times throughout the day. Hummm......oh and I heard back from Skywest I did get a leave but only for three months and I only got my flight benefits tell Dec. 20 but I guess that is better than nothing. I will just have to decide before Feb. 20 if I am going to quit for good or go back. I'm kind of thinking right now that I will quit I really enjoy my new job at the hospital and I make more money but we will see. I will really miss being able to go see my family easily. I will have to start being like the rest of the world and DRIVE down there!!!! :-)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Old job.....old house

Well Jeremy and I have been going through a TON lately. I'm finishing up with Skywest and starting my new job and the hospital. It is a bitter sweet thing. I am going to miss my friends at Skywest but I really enjoy my new job. I have been able to catch on pretty quick so that has been nice. All the different insurances make me nervous but I get to meet a lot of interesting people. The girls I work with are really nice and very helpful. Another new thing that we are going through right now is we are trying to fix up our house to sell it. We found a new house in Farmington that we really love so we are trying to find out if we can afford it with selling this house. We have to do so much before we can put it up on the market!!!!! so if anyone knows any good constrution workers we need help with both this house and possibly the new house if everything pans out. Jeremy and I are really stressed and tired but we are getting through all this. Hopefully everything works out! :-)

Friday, November 7, 2008


So today I started cleaning out our back room so we can paint the walls. All I can say is "HOW DOES TWO PEOPLE COLLECT SO MUCH CRAP/JUNK???" So far I have two big black garbage bags and Two big boxes of junk to take to the D.I. I took three hours to get that far and I'm still not done! I would offer for people to come check out what we have to give away but I'm ready to just drop it off at D.I. and forget about it. I can't even imagine how much stuff we will collect when we have kids! I know this is kind of a stupid post but I was just so amazed!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New JOB!!!!!

So I FINALLY got a new job. I am so excited! I will be working at Salt Lake Regional Hospital doing admitting. My friend Danielle helped me get the job and I am in big debt to her. I couldn't have asked for more for a new job. I will be making more than I make Skywest, I will be working inside out of this crappy cold weather, and I get to work with someone I already know. Which I guess you have guessed it I will have to quit Skywest. I am excited but also sad about this. I will miss my friends and flight benefits, but I am ready to start a new career in the medical field. I have always wanted to work in medical so here is my chance. To all my Skywest Buddies I will miss you, but we will still have to do girls night or just hang out.