Thursday, March 31, 2011

~Monthly Memories~

01. Pick up stuff off the ground from a standing position.

02. Stand up all by herself in the middle of the floor
03. Some added words to her vocabulary: "Purple", "Minnie", "pie", "Tada"
04. She likes Salt and Vinegar chips!
05. When she dances she will go in a circle and go "wee" or when we go in the car she will go "wee" just like the pig on that commercial.
06. Knows how to ride on her Dora car
07. Counts 1,2 and then runs! Will copy us if we count to 5.
08. Gets Jeremy and I confused. She will call me "dadda" and she will call Jeremy "momma" sometimes. (I write these throughout the month and when I was reading it over again I realized the she knows now who we are! I'm momma/mommy and Jeremy is daddy/dadda!)
09. This isn't new but I forgot to put it on a couple months ago but calls all dogs and birds "rober" (Rover)
10. Went to Disneyland for the first time
11. Meet Mickey and Minnie mouse
12.Went to the beach for the first time. Kimberly loves the sand
13. Pooped in the potty!!
14. Has 10 teeth and getting more
15. Follows everything we do. Like: the other day I was blow drying my hair and had my head flipped over. She came up and tried to lean forward to flip her hair forward. Or yesterday Anela was jumping on the bed and Kimberly bounced her head and shoulders up and down like she was jumping!

~Mommy and Daddy~
01. We got our plants in the mail (so weird they came in root form) *pictures to come*
02. Planted the plants in planters (say that five times fast!) Waiting for the weather to warm up to plant in ground.
03. Jeremy and Trip made cement inlet/retaining wall on the canal.
04. Mommy went to Disneyland with Kimberly
05. Did our taxes (didn't get back as much as we thought)

We hope April warms up so we can start working in the yard!

Friday, March 25, 2011

~Potty Time!?!?! Maybe......~

I went and bought Kimberly a potty the other day to start introducing her to it!! Especially because she is SO obvious when she is going potty in her diaper.

~She was pretty excited about it
~She loved climb on and off of it
~She would open and shut the lid
~She would even sit on it with her diaper off, but then would immediately stand back up.

But no pee or poo!
So the next day I watched her and as soon as I saw that she was trying to go poo I ran her to the bathroom and put her on the potty. She started getting upset and wanted to stand up so I sang the ABC's and read her a book. After a min or two she pooed!!! I don't think she understands what she did or that it's what your supposed to do in it. She peed twice on the floor right by the potty. So we have some more work ahead! She is a pretty smart girl so I don't think it will take her long, when she decides she is ready.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


~Picture OVERLOAD~
*Left for Cali on Friday March 11. (Maga, Kimberly and I) Papa flew in later that day.
*Checked into house Saturday morning
*Keesha, Greg, Jarryn, and Lexi arrive.
*Papa and Greg get lost trying to get Keesha and kids from hotel. (Both GPS's are dead!!)
*Go grocery shopping and hang out at the house getting it set up.
*Kylee, Kenzi, Jody, Cache, and Tanner arrive late!

*Sunday Swim at the house, Go to Swap meet, then try to go to Huntington Beach end up at New port Beach.
*Take forever to find parking for three vehicles
*Eat lunch at a great little burger joint right by beach
*play at the beach, Kimberly was ok with sand but didn't like it at first. Then she liked it so much she was eating it!!!! Water was way cold so we only put our feet in it.
*Kylee, Kenzi, Tanner, Jody, Cache, and Keesha actually got in the water (crazy people)
*Have a nice dinner and go to bed for Disneyland

Jody, Cache, and Jarryn
Kenzi and Tanner

*Monday: Whole group goes to Disneyland at the same time around opening.
*First ride we went on (Kimberly first ride at Disneyland ever) Pirates of the Carribean, second Haunted Mansion and third Pooh Bear. Don't ask me why we took her on two dark rides first but we did!! ha ha
*Saw Eeyore, Tigger, and Pooh Bear Character (she kept pointing at them, It was a long line so we didn't go up and meet them)
*When we were on our way over to California adventure I saw the line to meet Mickey mouse wasn't that long. So we waited to meet Mickey. Kimberly was so excited she kept waving and saying "hi" "hi". I was so glad I decided to wait in line!!!!
*Next we meet Minnie mouse. Kimberly wasn't as sure of her. I think it was because I put her down to see if she would walk up to Minnie herself. I think that scared her so she didn't want to meet her. Lexi on the other hand was so excited and was reaching out for Minnie the whole time we were in line.
*Papa bought the girls there first pair of Disney ears with there nicknames on the back (Kimberly : "Cucumber" Not sure where it came from and Lexi: "Lexi Lou")
*Got to see 'world of color' show. It was a great show but next time we will try to get better seats at the front of the section to see it better.
*The first few days Kimberly had a little fever. I found out later that she was getting another molar!!!!

Don't know what this face was about, but it was cute that he had the same facial expression!

I really do love this little girl and am so glad I got to experience this with her!
*Tuesday we went to Disney a little later. After we got on the tram to go to Disney I realized I forgot my pass to get into the park!!!! So having the best dad EVER he went back to the house to get it. Luckily the house is only 10 mins away.
*My mom and I took the babies (Kimberly and Lexi) to downtown Disney while my dad went to get my pass. We let them run around and go in and look at build a bear. I think they enjoyed being able to run. It was a little hard when they wanted to go in different directions. Little stinkers.
*Kimberly played at the splash pad in California Adventure. She LOVED it!!!! She hates the shower but ended up sitting right where the water hits. I guess she was hot and sick of sitting in the stroller!!!
*This night we saw 'fantasmic' and some of the 'fireworks'.

*First time on 'Its a small world' I think she really enjoyed this ride!
Poor baby had very tired eyes but stayed awake to see the babies!

*Wednesday Papa, Greg, Keesha, and Lexi headed home in the morning. Jarryn stayed with us to have another day at Disney.
*On our way to Disney Kenzi realized her and Tanners passes were in my mom car (that Kylee had driven) so we waited outside of the parking garage while Kenzi ran up to get it. Well Kylee or Jody not sure which one told us the car was parked in Mickey E5. So that is where Kenzi went. After awhile Kenzi came back and said she ran back and forth on that row and couldn't find the car. So Tanner went up with her to look again. In the mean time Kylee called to say they were headed out to the car to go to the mall for awhile. My mom told her to call if Tanners backpack was still in the car when they got there. Because they couldn't find the car. Kylee got to the car and it was still there. When she called my mom to tell her it was still there my mom asked again where they were parked. She says A3!!!!!!!! Really, I wonder why Kenzi couldn't find the car! Needless to say we got his backpack and went into the park!!!!
*Had a fun field day at Disney. I went on Tower of Terror for the first time ever!!!! Not sure I really like it but I finally did it. I seem to do a new ride every time I go. (I'm a scary cat!!) I think at this point I have done all the rides at both parks now!
*Tried to take Kimberly down to Toontown, but found it was closed for the night!!!! Boo!!!! Guess I will have to take her back! :)
*Saw the fireworks show a little closer than the night before.
*Ended our Disney adventure on Pirates of the Carribean and Haunted mansion! (I thought it was interesting we started and ended the trip on the same two rides.)
*Got a few souviners as we walked out and took a few pictures in front of the castle.
*Got to the car to find we had lost the keys to the rental car!!!!!!!
*Kenzi and Tanner had come out to the car before the fireworks to get some warm clothes and couldn't remember what they did with the keys! My mom and Kenzi headed back out to Disney to look at lost and found. Didn't have any luck, and had a pissy tram driver. I called the rental place to find out what we had to do. They basicly said we would have to have the car towed and have a new key made. How much would all that cost!! We didn't want to know. As my mom was talking to the car rental Kenzi came running up saying she found them. One of the tram drivers had found them. Woohoo!!!!

Kimberly was being so funny this night at the fireworks!!! I love this pictures of her!!

You know it was a good day at Disney when you look like this at the end of the day!!!
*Thursday: Kylee, Kenzi, Tanner, Jody, and Cache headed home early in the morning with a stuffed full car.
*Maga, Jarryn, Kimberly and I head home around 11. Get on first flight we try for! Kimberly slept a good portion of the flight.
*Maga and Jarryn get on flight home to St. George!
*We definately need to take our daddy next time!
~Disney tickets: $$$$ flight: $$$$$ Food: $$$$ House: $$$$~
~One great trip: PRICELESS!~
We really do have the best parents! Thanks for everything!

Kimberly home on her couch! Don't you love how cute she is in her St. Patrick's Day outfit!!!!