Tuesday, July 31, 2012

~Monthly Memories~



01. Has become kind of a brat. Doesn't like to listen much anymore. 
02. Her hair is half way down her back.
03. Still sucks her thumb.
04. Loves riding the 4wheeler
 05. Went fishing for the first time but didn't catch any fish. (Scared of fish!)
06. Loves to swing on her swing set but refuses to learn how to do it herself. Always wants you to push her. (She could swing for HOURS if we pushed her that long)
07. Wears size 12 month-18month pants and 24 month-2t shirts.
08.  She did pretty good with fireworks this year. Kept asking to go inside but didn't cry. 
09. Keeps looking down at her self and saying "I grew bigger mommy!"
10. Weighed her two days ago and she is 26 lbs. 
11. Went bowling for the first time and LOVED it! 

::Kimberly Funnies::
01. I (Mommy) got out of the shower and Kimberly was standing there without a shirt on pointing at her nipple and saying "look mommy I have boobies like you". I laughed and said yeah. Kim- "When mine grew big I can feed Ali" Me- "no you will feed your babies when you are older" then she looks up at me and stares for a min then says "mommy you boobies big" ha ha 
02. Kimberly comes out of the bathroom with a cringe face. "mommy I smell poop" me- "did you poop?" kim- All happy and excited "YEAH want to see it!" (she has done this to a few people!)


01. Smiles all the time!
02. Starting to play with toys
03. Loves her swing and bouncer. Tried Johnny jumper and liked it, have to do it more.
04. Has the cutest frown. (Still haven't gotten it on camera)
05. Loves sucking on her hands and binkie
06. Starting to drool a lot.
07. Loves to be outside.
08. Loves baths
09. Has a bald spot on the back of her head from rubbing her hair off.
10. A big wiggle worm!! 
11. Very much a momma's girl!  

Swimming at Janica's Pool!

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