Thursday, July 19, 2012

~Photo Dump~

I noticed I had a ton of pictures on my camera so be prepared for a bunch of cute pictures!! 

Ali with her 'Ali'gater

Starting to play with toys! (Or mommy just puts them in her hands so they don't fall off! ha ha)
They are so cute together. I love watching them interact with each other.
"Mommy, Kimberly is funny!"
"what am I supposed to do with that!?!?"
Last week we add a member to the family. 'Cookie' is a female lab/collie mix, just like Rover. She is 1 year old and we saved her from the pound. She has been a pretty good dog. (until today when she went into our garden and took 2 pumpkins and a squash out! grrrrrr......I was so mad!) Needs some training! Rover loves having a new friend to play with.
Our Cookie Monster
Ali's eye lashes are getting so long. I love how pretty her eyes are!
Kimberly was trying to intertwine their fingers. It was pretty cute!
Kimberly was sharing her blanket with Ali!
We finally got Ali her bed! We just need a mattress and then she will probably move into her crib. She is almost to big for the bassinet.
I just wanted to put these on here. My baby sister graduated high school. I can't believe she is done with high school. I was sad I didn't make it to her graduation.

Ali always has her hands or binkie in her mouth. Still not sure if she is going to be a binkie or thumb baby.
Cookie! They will not hold still to get good pictures!!

 I watched Janica's kids the other day and we had a fun day making messes! One of the messes we made was playing with play dough. They actually did really good with the play dough! I was pretty impressed. I enjoy having them over, and I think Kimberly loves having friends to play with.

 Today Ali wore her sailor outfit. It was so cute I couldn't resist taking some pictures. While I was taking them Kimberly said she wanted to wear a 'superman' outfit. ha ha So we found her sailor dress with the 'superman cape' on the back. She is a funny girl.

 How did I get so lucky to have these two beautiful girls in my life!!  
I am one happy momma that's for sure!

 Ali would NOT smile for the pictures with her and Kimberly. She kept looking at me like "mom put the camera away!"

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